April 14, 2015 by Michael Madden

Beware Geese On Bikes

Not everyone was pleased to hear about the Monte Carlo adventure. Clayton warned that, “You are creating a monster!” Maybe we should rename her Lady F.

Anyway, no sign of a kitten yet, but the car moved a step closer when I filled in some papers. Still not seen one yet, but if its silver I am sure it will be fine.

And if its not…I got a new bike. Well, not really new. Second hand, and only £70. Just need to transfer my Mr Bump bell from my old bike and I’m good to go. Now to find out if the towpath is open towards Marple.




Well, the towpath is open as far as bridge 20 (Hill Top Footbridge). That’s an agonising 4.5 furlongs from Marple (What’s a furlong? Look it up!) Apparently the towpath could be shut until July but may open sooner. It was a pleasant ride, with lots of birds, ducks, and rather aggressive, hissing geese. There’s something quite intimidating about approaching a goose on a bike. I don’t know how they reach the pedals.

In other news the kitten situation remains unresolved, though we now have Fiona scouring the land as well. The car situation took a giant leap forward as the forms have been processed and it has been ordered. Mine got MOTed yesterday, so just need to avoid writing it off in the next two weeks! I told Zac I was getting a new car, and he said ‘Does that mean you will be driving me to school like a Boss?’ Hmmm!

Written the next few hundred words on my novel aimed at getting kids off their X-Boxes and into books. “The History Of Zombies” is being test driven by Zac, but if anyone else wants a look just let me know.

Disappointing evening on the football pitch as the Under 16s went down 3-1 at Marple Athletic. Didn’t play well, but we weren’t helped when ref sent off our centre half.

And guess what? I tipped the scales at 13 stone 0 pounds today. That’s almost 2 stone lighter than September. Time for a celebratory cake!