September 18, 2018 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 2

Bit better this week – 8 correct 8 incorrect. So what did we learn. The Packers are riding their luck but still undefeated, the Vikings are the complete package – except for a kicker. And I’m still not fully bought in to Kirk Cousins. The Rams are the real deal. The Jaguars completed an emotional win – but that shows the Patriots in decline. Falcons and Saints both back on track – but both still need to improve. The Bucs – well who knows – this week against the Steelers could be a big test!

Week 3 Predictions

Jets v Browns BROWNS by 3

The Browns finally get a W, but not easy against a talented Jets outfit

Saints v Falcons SAINTS by 3

Wow – heck of a game for week 3. Saints sneak it based on absence of Freeman

Packers v Redskins PACKERS by 7

Another week of healing for Rodgers as the Packers capitalise on the Redskins week 2 letdown

Colts v Eagles EAGLES by 10

Eagles bounce back after Bucs defeat as Colts prove themselves to be no better than average

Bills v Vikings VIKINGS by 24

Bills well on the way to number 1 pick in the draft as Cook has a breakout game for the Vikings

Raiders v Dolphins DOLPHINS by 3

Both teams playing well against mid table opposition – I’m going with home advantage

Broncos v Ravens RAVENS by 7

Flacco and co get back on track at home as the Broncos get found out

Bengals v Panthers BENGALS by 4

The Bengals will eventually implode but it won’t be here as the Panthers are not as good as in previous seasons

Giants v Texans TEXANS by 10

Watson finally comes good against a Giants team that have great skill players but that also have Eli Manning

Titans v Jaguars JAGUARS by 20

Jaguars full of confidence dominate the Titans who are just not that good

49ers v Chiefs CHIEFS by 16

Explosive Chiefs once again rack up the points against a 49ers team that still has plenty of mistakes in it

Chargers v Rams RAMS by 8

Later in the season I would give Rivers a chance but the momentum is with the Rams who are genuine Superbowl contenders

Cowboys v Seahawks SEAHAWKS by 3

Inept showing by Seahawks at Soldier Field but home field should see them triumph against an equally questionable Cowboys

Bears v Cardinals CARDINALS by 3

The Cardinals just cannot be that bad and Trubisky got away with a couple of picks against the Seahawks – maybe this week the stars align for Bradford, Johnson and Fitzgerald

Patriots v Lions PATRIOTS by 12

Just what the Patriots need after a tough trip to Jacksonville – a visit to the Lions who are tying the Bills for most points conceded

Steelers v Buccaneers STEELERS by 7

Big Ben puts it all together to blast the Fitzmagic myth as Steelers finally get off the mark

My predictions for the play offs

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Week 2 Summary

Ravens at Bengals prediction RAVENS by 3

Ravens 23 Bengals 34

Maybe this result shows that the Bengals are contenders, or maybe it shows just how inept the Bills are after getting drubbed by the Ravens last week.

Flacco reverts to type with a couple of interceptions.

Dalton throws 4 TD with no picks – that won’t happen every week, but crucial divisional win gives some hope.

Panthers at Falcons FALCONS by 7

Carolina 24 Falcons 31

The Falcons needed to bounce back and they did. Desperately need Freeman back. 

Panthers will continue to struggle in a tough division.

Colts at Redskins REDSKINS by 10

Colts 21 Redskins 9

Not many would have expected the Redskins bubble to burst so quickly. Already looking at an 8-8 season?

Luck played conservatively and won but they will have tougher games ahead.

Texans at Titans TEXANS by 6

Texans 17 Titans 20

Watson still proving to be rusty despite 310 yards passing and 2 TDs. Not losing faith just yet.

Titans won despite not really having a QB. They will lose more than they win.

Eagles at Buccaneers BUCCANEERS by 3

Eagles 21 Buccaneers 27

Eagles showed that a Superbowl hangover is a very real thing. Looking forward to the return of Wentz.

Are the Buccaneers for real? I suspect not – look out for the inevitable letdown over the next two or three weeks.

Chiefs at Steelers STEELERS by 6

Chiefs 42 Steelers 37

Chiefs showed an array of weapons, and in Mahomes they could have a real contender. Defence is a problem but at the rate they score it may not be an issue.

The Steelers have problems. Adrift in their division and relying too much on Big Ben’s ageing arm. Is Bell the answer?

Dolphins at Jets JETS by 4

Dolphins 20 Jets 12

Tannehill turning himself into an all-purpose QB but still think 8-8 is the best Dolphins can hope for.

Darnold needs to get rid of the INTs to contend. Still a better team than expected before the season started.

Chargers at Bills CHARGERS by 12

Chargers 31 Bills 20

A welcome opponent for the Chargers though they could maybe have expected more points.

Bills confirmed that they are as bad as we thought. Long season ahead.

Vikings at Packers If Rodgers plays PACKERS by 7 otherwise VIKINGS by 14

Vikings 29 Packers 29

Rodgers played and almost won it. Almost lost it too! The Packers remain undefeated and will be contenders.

Vikings need a kicker. Two chances to win it in OT, one of them a chip shot. Cousins good enough to make them contenders, for now.

Browns at Saints SAINTS by 10

Browns 18 Saints 21

Browns had their chances. Their winless streak goes on, but it may end soon if they can just believe!

Saints bounced back from last week’s shock, but there are still problems.

Lions at 49ers 49ERS by 7

Lions 27 49ers 30

Lions came close but ultimately failed. Play Offs a forlorn hope in their division.

49ers scraped through a tough one. They are definitely not the finished article yet.

Cardinals at Rams RAMS by 10

Cardinals 0 Rams 34

Cardinals woeful. Need to get much more out of Johnson.

Rams have so many weapons – could this be their year?

Patriots at Jaguars PATRIOTS by 7

Patriots 20 Jaguars 31

Patriots were bad in this one. Not scoring enough, which could change when Edelman returns, but worse – unable to stop the Jaguars attack. Beginning to wonder if they are on their way down?

Jaguars wanted this game and dominated in a way that possibly flattered them. Can they do it every week?

Raiders at Broncos BRONCOS by 6

Raiders 19 Broncos 20

Great performance from the Raiders in defeat. Gives them some hope for the rest of the season.

Narrow win gives the Broncos confidence but they are probably just an average team with an easy start.

Giants at Cowboys GIANTS by 3

Giants 13 Cowboys 20

Awful game in which Giants late scores flattered them. How can a team containing OBJ and Barkley be so ineffective?

Cowboys benefited from playing at home. Not impressive against a poor Giants performance.

Seahawks at Bears BEARS by 5

Seahawks 17 Bears 24

Seattle truly awful. Shadow of their recent Superbowl era.

Bears look like the real deal. Could be 2-0 but for Rodgers.