September 25, 2018 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 3

I am continuing to improve with 9-7! So what did we learn? The NFC North is an interesting place – the Vikings and Packers need to turn things around. Fortunately for the Pack they play the Bills (I am convinced last week was a one off),¬† unfortunately for the Vikings they visit the Rams on a short week. AFC North is also up for grabs with the Steelers getting a big win in what can be considered the post-Bell era. Big divisional win for the Saints but neither they nor the Falcons have much D. The Rams look truly outstanding. Big question marks over the Patriots, its a must win game against the Dolphins up next. The Browns got a deserved win, the Seahawks and Panthers made the most of playing at home, the Jaguars had a shocker, the Cardinals came close and must win soon. The Giants had a good day – but that won’t last, not sure about the Raiders – if Carr keeps hitting Nelson who knows?

Week 4 Predictions

Panthers and Redskins get the byes after good wins – but would they rather build on the momentum?

Vikings at Rams RAMS by 10

Rams overcome injuries – Vikings still shaking from getting demolished by the Bills

Jets at Jaguars JAGUARS by 7

Jaguars recover from the Titans defeat – more misery for the Jets

Dolphins at Patriots PATRIOTS by 18

Dolphins bump into a hurting Patriots team and come off second best – big game for Gordon

Eagles at Titans EAGLES by 10

Wentz hitting form as Titans revert to type

Texans at Colts TEXANS by 3

Watson finally comes good as Luck still struggles without a running game

Bills at Packers PACKERS by 17

Bills can’t be that good again and Packers can’t be that bad

Lions at Cowboys COWBOYS by 4

Lions coming off a big win come down to earth – but only because Cowboys are at home

Buccaneers at Bears BEARS by 3

Bears D shuts down Fitzpatrick and Offense does just enough

Bengals at Falcons FALCONS by 6

A shootout in the making – Ryan at home just has the edge but expect Green to have a big day

Seahawks at Cardinals CARDINALS by 3

Seahawks showing some form but CARDINALS get their first win with Rosen at the helm

Browns at Raiders RAIDERS by 3

Browns can’t quite follow up last week’s win in a low scoring game

Saints at Giants SAINTS by 7

Brees continues to set records as Giants revert to type after last week’s upset

49ers at Chargers CHARGERS by 17

Rivers picks apart the 49ers who struggle on both sides of the ball

Ravens at Steelers STEELERS by 10

Steelers build on last week’s win as Ravens struggle against divisional rivals

Chiefs at Broncos CHIEFS by 3

Home field gives Broncos a chance but Chief’s winning streak continues

My predictions for the play offs (no change this week)

NFC North

NFC West

NFC East

NFC South


AFC North

AFC West

AFC East

AFC South


Week 3 Summary

Jets v Browns BROWNS by 3

Jets 17 Browns 21

The Browns finally get a W, but not easy against a talented Jets outfit

Saints v Falcons SAINTS by 3

Saints 43 Falcons 37

Brees breaks all kinds of records and Falcons hearts – but the Saints don’t have much of a D.

Falcons need Freeman back as soon as possible – then they need to find a D.

Packers v Redskins PACKERS by 7

Packers 17 Redskins 31

Ill disciplined performance by the Packers – too many penalties.

Redskins back to their best but yet to prove they can do it back to back.

Colts v Eagles EAGLES by 10

Colts 16 Eagles 20

Colts struggled without much of a running game to support Luck

Eagles get Wentz back showing signs of rust but enough to get it done

Bills v Vikings VIKINGS by 24

Bills 27 Vikings 6

Not many saw this one coming – efficient Bills capitalised on Vikings mistakes and the D really stepped up

Cousins passed for almost 300 yards but was still a disaster – can’t see him being a franchise QB especially if he can’t lead his teams to victory against the Bills

Raiders v Dolphins DOLPHINS by 3

Raiders 20 Dolphins 28

Good passing game, good running game, not sure how the Raiders threw this away – monster game from Jordy Nelson and I expect more to come

Not sure how Tannehill pulled this off with no running game – but 3 TDs has them at 3-0 – it won’t last!

Broncos v Ravens RAVENS by 7

Broncos 14 Ravens 27

Broncos bubble bursts as Keenum found out on a hostile away trip

Flacco back to his best at home – still can’t see them gaining any consistency

Bengals v Panthers BENGALS by 4

Bengals 21 Panthers 31

It was always going to happen – Dalton throws for 352 yards – but FOUR picks – Bengas did what the Bengals do

Huge day for McCaffrey – but its all just papering over the cracks for the Panthers as we will see when they face better opposition on the road

Giants v Texans TEXANS by 10

Giants 27 Texans 22

A good week for the Giants but cannot be relied upon from one week to the next

Watson still shaking off the rust – and could do with a running game – better times ahead

Titans v Jaguars JAGUARS by 20

Titans 9 Jaguars 6

Another shock with Ds on top – Titans seem to lack match winners but performing well as a team

Jaguars built their reputation on Defense – but they need to work on their Offense

49ers v Chiefs CHIEFS by 16

49ers 27 Chiefs 38

49ers probably did better than expected but at what price with Garoppolo injured?

Chiefs continue to score – but they still allow too many points on D – fun while it lasts

Chargers v Rams RAMS by 8

Chargers 23 Rams 35

Good effort from the Chargers and they will have easier games ahead

Rams showed true Superbowl potential Рif they beat the Vikings next week on a short week with  significant injuries they will be clear favourites

Cowboys v Seahawks SEAHAWKS by 3

Cowboys 13 Seahawks 24

Cowboys continue to struggle – might show up well at home but its going to be a long season on the road

Seahawks are similar to Cowboys but with a touch of class in Wilson – chance of the playoffs

Bears v Cardinals CARDINALS by 3

Bears 16 Cardinals 14

Bears snatch a close one helped by injury to Bradford – but their D continues to play well – and on a wild weekend in their division they are right in the mix

Cardinals started hot but faded – Johnson still struggling but he is too good to dismiss – expect better times ahead with Rosen under centre

Patriots v Lions PATRIOTS by 12

Patriots 10 Lions 26

Another shock – and the Patriots weren’t just edged this was a comprehensive victory – with Gordon and Edelman to be added they will be just fine – but Superbowl is a distant dream

Lions clicked on both sides of the ball – that won’t happen every week and expect a letdown next week!

Steelers v Buccaneers STEELERS by 7

Steelers 30 Buccaneers 27

Fitzpatrick’s arm strength negated by picks – expect a letdown over the next few weeks

Big Ben puts it all together to blast the Fitzmagic myth as Steelers finally get off the mark – its like they came to turns with Bell situation and have moved on