October 2, 2018 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 4

Even better this week – 11-4. The Rams continue to dominate and are my Superbowl picks. The Packers got their mojo back – as did the Vikings despite their defeat. The Bucs are finding their level – which is not very high, whilst the Bears impressed. The Cowboys took advantage of playing at home, whilst the Seahawks road win perhaps makes them a bit better than I expected. The Saints have a potent offense but not much D, whilst the Falcons are similar, but with absolutely no D. The Bengals won a shootout against the aforementioned Bengals and with the Ravens overcoming the Steelers I am revising my play off pick! The Browns lost another close one, whilst neither of New York’s finest could put together a win. The Patriots look like they have turned things around, whilst the Titans continue their unlikely run and face a weak Bills team next.

Week 5 Predictions

Bye week for the Bears and Buccaneers – the Bucs will see it as a chance to regroup – the Bears would love to continue playing.

Colts at Patriots PATRIOTS by 14

The Patriots gradually putting it all together, and with Edelman back expect them to go on a run – Luck should be getting back to his best – unfortunately he is up against the Pats

Titans at Bills TITANS by 5

Titans gained another win at the expense of the Superbowl champions – could they be the real deal? No – but they should beat the hapless Bills

Falcons at Steelers STEELERS by 3

Anyone going ‘under’ on the spread in this game? Matt Ryan is missing Freeman – they will still score a lot of points – but not as many as they need with no D – Big Ben could get back to winning ways here – but it will be close

Broncos at Jets BRONCOS by 4

Broncos D should see them through – though not at all convinced by Case Keenum but the Jets are just not that good – Sam Darnold is due a big performance

Jaguars at Chiefs CHIEFS by 3

Ferocious Jaguars D will need to shut down Mahomes – something that no one has yet achieved as the Chiefs continue to play ‘we will score more than you’ football – and this big scalp will get even more people to believe that Mahomes is the real deal

Packers at Lions PACKERS by 10

Rodgers looked like his old self last week which is bad news for the Lions – Packers are a big step up compared to the Cowboys

Ravens at Browns BROWNS by 3

Flacco’s big win against the Steelers is quickly forgotten against a tough Browns team who double their win tally

Giants at Panthers GIANTS by 6

Giants finally put it all together for a big road win as the Panthers fail to get going after bye week

Dolphins at Bengals BENGALS by 10

Dolphins brought down to earth by the Pats – fail to lift off again at the Bengals – it would be typical of the Bengals to follow up a huge and dramatic road win by capitulating at home – but maybe these aren’t those Bengals

Raiders at Chargers CHARGERS by 7

Raiders squeaked home against the Browns – this is tougher – Chargers showed character in last week’s win – expect that to continue

Cardinals at 49ers CARDINALS by 3

Cardinals just failed to beat the Seahawks – should have enough here as Johnson becomes more productive – 49ers got off to a fast start against Chargers but couldn’t sustain it

Vikings at Eagles EAGLES by 6

Already a must win game for both teams – Cousins not as good as Wentz and Eagles get back to winning ways after narrow loss to Titans

Rams at Seahawks RAMS by 7

Rams will lose one eventually – but not against a sub standard Seahawks team in decline even though they are at home

Cowboys at Texans TEXANS by 10

We start to see how bad the Cowboys are as the Texans begin to show their teeth

Redskins at Saints SAINTS by 12

Redskins suffer a bye week hangover as Brees dominates and breaks more records to take control of their division

My predictions for the play offs (Bears replace Falcons and Titans replace Steelers for a wildcard spot)

NFC North

NFC West

NFC East

NFC South


AFC North

AFC West

AFC East

AFC South


Week 4 Summary

Vikings at Rams RAMS by 10

Vikings 31 Rams 38

Vikings got some respect back after their drubbing by the Bills but it doesn’t get any better next week as they visit the Eagles

Rams overcome early adversity to overpower the Vikings – very impressive display – can anyone stop them?

Jets at Jaguars JAGUARS by 7

Jets 12 Jaguars 31

Jets ineffective – long season ahead

Jaguars back to their best

Dolphins at Patriots PATRIOTS by 18

Dolphins 7 Patriots 38

Dolphins find their level after early season optimism

Patriots starting to click and get Edelman back next week

Eagles at Titans EAGLES by 10

Eagles 23 Titans 26

Eagles lose a close one but it is a hiccup rather than a crisis

Titans show that Mariota can do it when he has to  – possible play off team

Texans at Colts TEXANS by 3

Texans 37 Colts 34

Texans starting to fire – expect them to get much better

No light at the end of the tunnel for the Colts as yet

Bills at Packers PACKERS by 17

Bills 0 Packers 22

Bills show that the drubbing if the Vikings was a one off

Rodgers recovering well from injury and the D showed up

Lions at Cowboys COWBOYS by 4

Lions 24 Cowboys 26

Lions are an average team although they did run the Cowboys close

Cowboys benefited from home field advantage – not a good team

Buccaneers at Bears BEARS by 3

Buccaneers 10 Bears 48

Well – I thought this would be close but the Bucs descended to their true level and kept going down

Trubisky had a stellar day – that won’t happen every week – but they are looking like contenders with a great pass rush

Bengals at Falcons FALCONS by 6

Bengals 37 Falcons 36

Bengals win a nailbiter with Green showing his class

Falcons suffer from having no D despite their high powered offense – they need to turn it round quickly

Seahawks at Cardinals CARDINALS by 3

Seahawks 20 Cardinals 17

Seahawks show character to overcome a Cardinals team that is slowly improving

Cardinals are getting better and there will be better days ahead

Browns at Raiders RAIDERS by 3

Browns 42 Raiders 45

Browns lose another close one – they need to get used to winning

Raiders squeak it as expected – just not the low scoring game I thought it would be

Saints at Giants SAINTS by 7

Saints 33 Giants 18

Brees continues to grab the headlines – D starting to improve

Giants inconsistent again – they will put it all together eventually

49ers at Chargers CHARGERS by 17

49ers 27 Chargers 29

49ers proved to be more problematic than they should have been

Chargers starting to get it together – expect the to be better now that September has gone

Ravens at Steelers STEELERS by 10

Ravens 26 Steelers 14

Ravens with a crucial win against divisional rivals – I don’t expect it to last

Shocker for Steelers – Big Ben struggled with timing routes – team in crisis

Chiefs at Broncos CHIEFS by 3

Chiefs 27 Broncos 23

Broncos played well – particularly on D – but ultimately need to get more out of veteran receivers

Chiefs looking like the real deal with Mahomes living up to his Showtime billing