October 16, 2018 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 6

11-4 despite a few upsets! Rams win again but appear to be slowing down, as the Eagles start to gain some good momentum. Seahawks also looking good, and a very good showing from the Chargers. Steelers got themselves back into contention, whilst the Dolphins are not quite done yet after an OT win over the Bears. The Vikings and Packers are putting the heat on the Bears, whilst wins for the Jets, Falcons and Texans are just papering over the cracks. Big wins for the Ravens, Cowboys and Redskins but they are a long way off being contenders. The most telling game came at Foxboro, and although the Patriots won the Chiefs showed that they are the real deal – and the result might well have been reversed in their own stadium.

Week 7 Predictions

Bye week for the Packers Raiders Seahawks and Steelers – all except the Raiders won last week and would prefer to play – Raiders can’t see where their next win will come from.

Broncos at Cardinals CARDINALS by 3

Broncos struggle on the road and the Cardinals are better than their record suggests

Titans at Chargers CHARGERS by 28

Wembley continues the tradition of blowouts as the hapless Titans take on genuine contenders the Chargers

Texans at Jaguars JAGUARS by 7

This is suddenly a huge divisional game – Texans just getting by but Jaguars D gets back on track after last week’s disaster in Dallas

Panthers at Eagles EAGLES by 10

Panthers came back against the Redskins but just fell short – Eagles much better than Redskins and win easily

Vikings at Jets VIKINGS by 10

Vikings have some momentum on their side and their D is starting to show some teeth – Jets due a letdown after a couple of good results

Patriots at Bears PATRIOTS by 6

Patriots continue to rack up the points – Bears upset by Dolphins last week but could keep this one close at home

Bills at Colts COLTS by 7

Bills surpassing expectations but Luck and the Colts are playing better than their record

Browns at Buccaneers BROWNS by 3

Browns D was embarrassed by the Chargers but that won’t happen again as the Bucs come up against a team that will disrupt their passing game

Lions at Dolphins DOLPHINS by 5

Lions revert to an average team on the road as the Dolphins continue to ride high in their division (which won’t last!)

Saints at Ravens SAINTS by 14

There is no stopping Brees at the moment despite the Ravens pass rush – but this is the Saints not the Titans

Cowboys at Redskins REDSKINS by 3

Cowboys played well at home – but Redskins win a key divisional match up as the visitors fail to put together back to back performances

Rams at 49ers RAMS by 17

Rams look to be slowing – so this is exactly what they need as the fading 49ers give up a big day to the Rams offense

Bengals at Chiefs CHIEFS by 10

Dalton happy in a shootout but Mahomes is a better gunslinger and has more weapons

Giants at Falcons FALCONS by 7

Another shootout with the Falcons snatching another victory despite the efforts of OBJ and Barkley

My predictions for the play offs (Steelers replace the Titans for AFC wildcard slot)

NFC North

NFC West

NFC East

NFC South


AFC North

AFC West

AFC East

AFC South


Week 6 Summary

Eagles at Giants EAGLES by 10

Eagles 34 Giants 13

Eagles starting to get their act together as Wentz shakes off the rust

Giants must decided how to get the best out of Barkley and OBJ – probably by ditching Manning

Buccaneers at Falcons FALCONS by 14

Buccaneers 29 Falcons 34

Buccaneers defense costing them as they fail to overcome the Falcons dodgy D

Falcons hang on despite a crazy last play – but they are far from the contenders of years gone by

Panthers at Redskins REDSKINS by 4

Panthers 17 Redskins 23

Panthers starting to struggle on the road

Redskins hang on for vital win – but they will still struggle against tougher opposition

Seahawks at Raiders SEAHAWKS by 3

Seahawks 27 Raiders 3

Seahawks starting to look like genuine contenders but it was only the Raiders

Raiders suffering lots of injuries on an already poor team – all downhill from here

Colts at Jets COLTS by 7

Colts 34 Jets 42

Colts rack up lots of points but forget how to defend

Jets start to find some offense – but they will have tougher games than this to come

Cardinals at Vikings VIKINGS by 10

Cardinals 17 Vikings 27

Cardinals played a gritty game keeping just within reach but they are not quite at the Vikings level

Vikings played well but their D will be a concern against better opposition

Steelers at Bengals BENGALS by 3

Steelers 28 Bengals 21

Steelers complete a late win to give them much needed momentum in the division

Bengals lose to the Steelers as usual – but still hold the edge in the division

Chargers at Browns CHARGERS by 3

Chargers 38 Browns 14

Chargers proving to be contenders racking up so many points against the tough Browns D

Browns finally get involved in a one sided game – unfortunately they were on the wrong side

Bills at Texans TEXANS by 10

Bills 13 Texans 20

Bills D is keeping it close but serious problems at QB

Texans win a close one but proving to be no better than average

Bears at Dolphins BEARS by 3

Bears 28 Dolphins 31

Bears show weakness in letting a big lead go – and with the Vikings and Packers snapping at their heels that could be fatal

Dolphins get a big win in OT but still don’t think they are good enough to reach play offs

Rams at Broncos RAMS by 10

Rams 23 Broncos 20

Rams sneak it but despite a monster day for Gurley this was closer than it should have been

Broncos played well but they are no better than an average team

Ravens at Titans TITANS by 3

Ravens 21 Titans 0

Ravens totally dominant on both sides of the ball – but don’t expect this to happen regularly

Titans were woeful – next week they face the flying Chargers and it could be much worse

Jaguars at Cowboys COWBOYS by 3

Jaguars 7 Cowboys 40

Jaguars could not recover from giving the Cowboys a fast start – not as good as last year’s team

Cowboys finally get something going – but I don’t expect them to repeat this on the road

Chiefs at Patriots PATRIOTS by 10

Chiefs 40 Patriots 43

Chiefs gallant in defeat – they are the real deal though their D looks vulnerable and Mahomes developed a habit of throwing into coverage

Patriots pull out a big win – the amount of points the Chiefs scored could be a problem but they are now in prime position to make the play offs

49ers at Packers PACKERS by 17

49ers 30 Packers 33

49ers may have found themselves a team through injury – unlucky here but better times ahead

Packers didn’t find a defense until the 4th quarter – but Rodgers did what he does – need to be much better in the games to come