October 24, 2018 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 7

9-5 in a wacky week – maybe its the Wembley factor! Redskins got a huge divisional win whilst the Rams, Patriots and Chiefs just kept rolling. Jaguars in freefall and could get torn apart at Wembley, though the Eagles may be lacking in a bot of confidence after a starting loss to the Panthers. The Texans now looking like divisional favourites as are the Saints who squeaked past the Ravens. In that division I made the Bengals favourites, and though I expected a loss at the Chiefs I didn’t expect quite such a humiliation. The Colts, Broncos and Buccaneers won meaningless games, whilst the Lions and Vikings kept up the pressure in the NFC North. The Texans are now my AFC South pick but I am also keeping an eye on the Bengals in AFC North.

Week 8 Predictions

Bye week for the Chargers, Titans, Falcons, Cowboys

Dolphins at Texans TEXANS by 7

Dolphins on a downward spiral and Texans should consolidate their position in AFC South

Jaguars at Eagles EAGLES by 17

Jaguars really struggling and Eagles need a win – should add up to another Wembley blowout

Broncos at Chiefs CHIEFS by 20

Broncos coming off a big win but no match for the Chiefs

Browns at Steelers STEELERS by 3

Browns keep it close but ultimately Steelers have more to play for

Redskins at Giants GIANTS by 6

Redskins on a roll but Giants have a lot of talent – this is one of those games when they get it together

Seahawks at Lions SEAHAWKS by 4

Tough to decide this one – I am going for the Seahawks as the Lions are too inconsistent

Buccaneers at Bengals BENGALS by 10

Just what the Bengals need after last week’s trouncing – Buccaneers got a win they didn’t really deserve last week

Jets at Bears BEARS by 14

Jets another dismal week as the Bears keep up their pursuit in the NFC North

Ravens at Panthers PANTHERS by 7

Panthers use home field advantage to build on last week’s success as the Ravens get brought down to earth

Colts at Raiders COLTS by 7

Raiders are a mess at the moment – Andrew Luck capitalises

49ers at Cardinals 49ERS by 7

My patience has run out with the Cardinals and 49ers playing better than results suggest

Packers at Rams RAMS by 7

Just what the Packers didn’t want – they have a tough stretch of games – but this will be a real test for the Rams

Saints at Vikings SAINTS by 5

I see the Saints as real contenders and the Vikings flattering to deceive – this game will go a long way to proving it one way or the other

Patriots at Bills PATRIOTS by 25

Another big points tally for the Patriots as the Bills again capitulate

My predictions for the play offs (Texans replace Jaguars in AFC South)

NFC North

NFC West

NFC East

NFC South


AFC North

AFC West

AFC East

AFC South


Week 7 Summary

Broncos at Cardinals CARDINALS by 3

Broncos 45 Cardinals 10

Well – I got this badly wrong – Broncos blow out Cards but still can’t see them getting close to the play offs

Cardinals on a fast road downhill – not getting production from Johnson – will they win another game?

Titans at Chargers CHARGERS by 28

Titans 19 Chargers 20

Titans recovered from last week’s humiliation, only to humiliate themselves again with a bonehead 2 point call

Chargers really missed Melvin Gordon – but remain right in the mix

Texans at Jaguars JAGUARS by 7

Texans 20 Jaguars 7

Texans win a vital one – they may just go on to win the division from here

Jaguars in freefall – Bortles benched for who knows how long?

Panthers at Eagles EAGLES by 10

Panthers 21 Eagles 17

Panthers staged a remarkable 4th quarter comeback but I am still not convinced

Big shock to the Eagles – they will surely get back on track against the Jags at Wembley

Vikings at Jets VIKINGS by 10

Vikings 37 Jets 10

Vikings rolling right now – and with the Pack inconsistent they could take the division

Jets started well then just faded to nothing – microcosm of their season

Patriots at Bears PATRIOTS by 6

Patriots 38 Bears 31

Can the Patriots continue to track up the points? No one looks like stopping them at the moment

The Bears are a good team – just need to eliminate mistakes and turn close losses into wins – not a big Trubisky fan!

Bills at Colts COLTS by 7

Bills 5 Colts 37

When you are not very good these results can happen – there will be better days for the Bills but not many

Luck finally comes good – but don’t expect this every week

Browns at Buccaneers BROWNS by 3

Browns 23 Buccaneers 26

Browns looked to be back on track but hearts were broken in an OT loss – they continue to keep it close

Buccaneers win one they could easily have lost – but will continue to struggle

Lions at Dolphins DOLPHINS by 5

Lions 32 Dolphins 21

Lions get a great road win to emphasise just how tough the NFC North is

Ah – this is the Dolphins team I expected – expect more of the same

Saints at Ravens SAINTS by 14

Saints 24 Ravens 23

Saints eventually edged this one – the kind of win that marks them as contenders

The Baltimore D is for real – just need the rest of the team to show up

Cowboys at Redskins REDSKINS by 3

Cowboys 17 Redskins 20

Cowboys played better than expected but still rely too much on Elliott who was thwarted

Redskins get a vital divisional win – still a long way to go!

Rams at 49ers RAMS by 17

Rams 39 49ers 10

Rams rollercoaster continues – heavy Superbowl favourites

49ers struggling for consistency – but so is everyone against the Rams – they will have better weeks

Bengals at Chiefs CHIEFS by 10

Bengals 10 Chiefs 45

This got ugly early as the Bengals added a mix of ill discipline and errors – need to turn it around quickly in a tough division

Chiefs haven’t put in a bad performance yet – that showdown with the Rams in November is looming large

Giants at Falcons FALCONS by 7

Giants 20 Falcons 23

Giants kept it close but could not quite get over the line – poor season getting worse

Falcons D got better but their O struggled – still clinging to play off hopes