November 6, 2018 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 9

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SAINTS beat CHARGERS in Superbowl!!!

10-3 with a couple of upsets – but now its time to nail colours to the mast. The Saints were the big winners, closely followed by the Patriots. 49ers won the basement battle, as the Titans and Dolphins also add another to the Win column. Panthers and Falcons let it be known that they are not done, and the Steelers and Texans take a grip on their divisions. Chargers and Chiefs gain big wins and look on a collision course, as did the Bears and Vikings though the Packers will have something to say about that.

Week 10 Predictions

Bye week for the Ravens, Broncos, Texans and Vikings

Panthers at Steelers STEELERS by 6

Big Ben defends his home territory as Panthers winning run ends

Saints at Bengals SAINTS by 10

Brees stays on track as Bengals fall behind in their division

Falcons at Browns FALCONS by 10

Falcons maintain their run for the play offs as Browns have rediscovered that losing habit

Lions at Bears BEARS by 14

Lions are just about done as the Bears remain the surprise package in NFC North

Cardinals at Chiefs CHIEFS by 21

Name your score as the Cardinals get a pasting at the hands of the rampant Chiefs

Patriots at Titans PATRIOTS by 10

Patriots continue their winning run as the Titans struggle to reproduce their good performance in Dallas

Redksins at Buccaneers REDSKINS by 3

Redskins need a win and just sneak it here as the Bucs again fall short

Bills at Jets JETS by 4

Darnold can get over his nightmare of last week with this matchup – Bills suffer another defeat

Jaguars at Colts JAGUARS by 3

Jaguars were done before the bye week – but they can get back on track and dent the Colts recent good form

Chargers at Raiders CHARGERS by 14

Rivers gets another win as Chargers look to wrap up a play off spot as early as possible – Raiders just want the season to end

Seahawks at Rams RAMS by 8

Rams have stuttered in back to back weeks – this will not be easy but the Seahawks won’t be able to cope with Gurley and co.

Dolphins at Packers PACKERS by 14

Just what Aaron Rodgers needs after facing the Rams and the Patriots on the road – Dolphins roll over

Cowboys at Eagles EAGLES by 10

Another nail in the Cowboys coffin as the Eagles chase the Redskins

Giants at 49ers GIANTS by 7

Giants have too much talent to continue their losing streak – 49ers not that good – even at home

My predictions for the play offs (no change – and after next week I will make my final choices)

NFC North
Packers sneak it from the Vikings who get a wildcard as the Bears fade

NFC West
Rams clinch the division early and get a vital bye week

NFC East
Eagles overcome the Redskins who miss out on a wildcard

NFC South
Saints stay in front and clinch home field advantage throughout the play offs – Panthers clinch wildcard as Saints rest starters


AFC North
Bengals clinch the divison before facing the Steelers who get a wildcard

AFC West
Chargers pip the rampant Chiefs who are a dangerous wildcard

AFC East
Patriots get home field advantage in an easy division

AFC South
Texans dominate – but not going to frighten anyone in the play offs


Wildcard weekend


Vikings at Eagles VIKINGS upset the home crowd to move on to the Saints

Panthers at Packers PACKERS move on for revenge against the Rams


Chiefs at Bengals CHIEFS move on for a showdown at Foxboro

Steelers at Texans STEELERS sneak it to get a shot at Rivers and the Chargers

Divisional Round


Vikings at Saints SAINTS move on to the Championship game with ease

Packers at Rams PACKERS do get their revenge and head for the Superdome


Chiefs at Patriots CHIEFS shock the home crowd as Mahomes stars

Steelers at Chargers CHARGERS host the Championship game after a comfortable win

Championship games


Packers at Saints SAINTS triumph as Rodgers fails to match early season heroics


Chiefs at Chargers CHARGERS show everyone just how good they are as Mahomes finally falls short


Saints v Chargers SAINTS win by a TD

Week 9 Summary

Raiders at 49ers 49ERS by 7

Raiders 3 49ers 34

How bad can the Raiders get? First round draft picks can only fix so much!

49ers’ Mullens in a honeymoon period – but it won’t last – partly because they don’t play the Raiders every week

Bears at Bills BEARS by 5

Bears 41 Bills 9

Bears becoming contenders not just for Wildcard but for the whole NFC North

Bills D has gone the same way as their O – done for the season

Buccaneers at Panthers PANTHERS by 10

Buccaneers 28 Panthers 42

Bucs rack up another defeat – brief flashes of Fitzmagic but not enough

Panthers keep up their winning streak – could they break into the NFC South party? No!

Chiefs at Browns CHIEFS by 10

Chiefs 37 Browns 21

Chiefs juggernaut continues – Mahomes still putting it together and Hunt still scoring touchdowns

Browns did well to keep this one within 16

Jets at Dolphins DOLPHINS by 3

Jets 6 Dolphins 13

Poor performance from the Jets – as was expected

Dolphins won because the Jets were worse than them

This is a coin toss with two poor teams – home field swings it for the fish

Steelers at Ravens RAVENS by 3

Steelers 23 Ravens 16

Steelers win a crucial divisional game with a solid but not great performance

Flacco and the Ravens implode – can’t see them making the play offs now

Lions at Vikings VIKINGS by 7

Lions 9 Vikings 24

Lions already looking towards next season in another error strewn defeat

Vikings genuine contenders though I am still not buying Kirk Cousins!

Another nail in the Lions coffin as the Vikings keep pace in their division

Falcons at Redskins FALCONS by 6

Falcons 38 Redskins 18

Matty Ice starting to get his mojo back – still a lot to do in a tough division

Critical blow to the Redskins – couldn’t cope with powerful Falcons offense

Texans at Broncos TEXANS by 3

Texans 19 Broncos 17

Texans win on the road to tighten their grip on AFC South

Broncos stumble again – no play offs this year

Texans have the momentum but Broncos have their home field – Texans win a close one

Chargers at Seahawks CHARGERS by 3

Chargers 25 Seahawks 17

Chargers show everyone that they really are a team to be reckoned with

Seahawks come off second best and now the play offs seem a long way away

Rams at Saints SAINTS by 4

Rams meet their match in the Superdome – doesn’t make them a bad team but it was a shock to the system

Brees having another great season – could he win it all?

Packers at Patriots PACKERS by 3

Packers 17 Patriots 31

It was all going so well until Donald fumbled – long way back for the Pack – but easier games ahead

Patriots overcome a tough opponent – but will need to play better to win it all

Titans at Cowboys COWBOYS by 14

Titans 28 Cowboys 14

Surprise win for the Titans – still not a great team and destined for a losing record

If the Cowboys cant beat the Titans at home – where can they win? A losing season looms large