November 20, 2018 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 11

SAINTS beat CHARGERS in Superbowl!!!

7-6 with a few heartstopping games. Rams show their class against the Chiefs but the Saints look just as strong. The Broncos dented the Chargers hopes, with a huge game at Arrowhead coming soon for Rivers and co. Bears in control of NFC North but watch for a late Packers run despite a loss to the Seahawks, and the Lions are just about still alive. Texans win again as Colts keep up the pressure. Cowboys benefit from a poor week for the Redskins and Eagles, and the AFC North saw the Steelers get a vital win, though the Ravens are giving it a go and the Bengals schedule looks easier. There were meaningless wins for the Raiders and Giants.

Week 12 Predictions

Well deserved bye week for the Rams and the Chiefs

Bears at Lions LIONS by 5

I’m calling this on the basis of it being a short week and Trubisky injured – Lions not out of NFC North race but they need this divisional win

Redskins at Cowboys COWBOYS by 10

Cowboys on a roll – but still don’t rate them – Redskins slipped up at home last week and confidence is low

Falcons at Saints SAINTS by 14

The Falcons are on the ropes and Brees deals a knockout blow

Browns at Bengals BENGALS by 6

Rumours that AJ Green is back – and the Bengals certainly need him – as well as a favourable match up against the Browns

49ers at Buccaneers 49ERS by 3

The “Who Cares?” bowl sees the 49ers punch another hole in Jameis Winston’s NFL career

Jaguars at Bills JAGUARS by 4

See above! Jaguars win by stifling the Bills offense and letting Fournette loose

Raiders at Ravens RAVENS by 10

Ravens give Gruden and Carr more things to argue about as they cling to the Steelers tails

Seahawks at Panthers PANTHERS by 3

Panthers win a close one to keep the Rams just about in view

Patriots at Jets PATRIOTS by 21

Just what the Patriots need after their bye week – Jets looking to next year

Giants at Eagles GIANTS by 4

Eagles fell apart last week and Giants have won back to back – they would love to put another nail in divisional rival’s coffin

Cardinals at Chargers CHARGERS by 20

Chargers slipped up last week – they won’t do that again against a woeful Cardinals team

Dolphins at Colts COLTS by 10

Colts continue their winning streak and Tannehill’s return does nothing for the Dolphins

Steelers at Broncos BRONCOS by 3

Big win for the Broncos last week as the Steelers performed miracles – Broncos continue as Steelers have a big let down

Packers at Vikings PACKERS by 3

Must win for both teams – though Packers could easily win out after this one – Vikings have tougher schedule and that shows up here

Titans at Texans TEXANS by 6

Titans keep it closer than it should be but Texans are play off bound

My predictions for the play offs (already looking dodgy after shock results!)

NFC North
Packers sneak it from the Vikings who get a wildcard as the Bears fade

NFC West
Rams clinch the division early and get a vital bye week

NFC East
Eagles overcome the Redskins who miss out on a wildcard

NFC South
Saints stay in front and clinch home field advantage throughout the play offs – Panthers clinch wildcard as Saints rest starters


AFC North
Bengals clinch the division before facing the Steelers who get a wildcard

AFC West
Chargers pip the rampant Chiefs who are a dangerous wildcard

AFC East
Patriots get home field advantage in an easy division

AFC South
Texans dominate – but not going to frighten anyone in the play offs


Wildcard weekend


Vikings at Eagles VIKINGS upset the home crowd to move on to the Saints

Panthers at Packers PACKERS move on for revenge against the Rams


Chiefs at Bengals CHIEFS move on for a showdown at Foxboro

Steelers at Texans STEELERS sneak it to get a shot at Rivers and the Chargers

Divisional Round


Vikings at Saints SAINTS move on to the Championship game with ease

Packers at Rams PACKERS do get their revenge and head for the Superdome


Chiefs at Patriots CHIEFS shock the home crowd as Mahomes stars

Steelers at Chargers CHARGERS host the Championship game after a comfortable win

Championship games


Packers at Saints SAINTS triumph as Rodgers fails to match early season heroics


Chiefs at Chargers CHARGERS show everyone just how good they are as Mahomes finally falls short


Saints v Chargers SAINTS win by a TD

Week 11 Summary

Packers at Seahawks PACKERS by 3

Packers 24 Seahawks 27

Packers in a hole but a favourable schedule after a crunch matchup with the Vikings next week

Seahawks get themselves back into the play off hunt – not sure they can sustain it

Texans at Redskins TEXANS by 3

Texans 23 Redskins 21

Nailbiter as the Texans just keep up momentum

Redskins agonising loss made worse by Cowboys win

Titans at Colts COLTS by 7

Titans 10 Colts 38

Titans collapse in a blowout

Luck continues to impress as Colts keep pressure on Texans

Bengals at Ravens RAVENS by 12

Bengals 21 Ravens 24

Bengals kept it close and almost sneaked it – their schedule will get easier!

Ravens needed this one and just held on despite the loss of Flacco

Cowboys at Falcons FALCONS by 14

Cowboys 22 Falcons 19

Cowboys show great resilience to hang on in Atlanta – still lack consistency

Falcons may be just about done – not the same team without Freeman

Buccaneers at Giants GIANTS by 14

Buccaneers 35 Giants 38

Final score flattered the Bucs as Fitzmagic was benched again

Giants show they can put it all together on Sunday – wonder which Giants will show up next week?

Steelers at Jaguars JAGUARS by 6

Steelers 20 Jaguars 16

Steelers win a wild one after coming back from a 16 point deficit – great comeback – but alarm bells should ring about lack of offensive production

Panthers at Lions LIONS by 7

Panthers 19 Lions 20

Panthers show that their record is somewhat flattering – need to win out from here and that includes two games against the Saints

Lions get a win that just about keeps their season alive

Broncos at Chargers CHARGERS by 10

Broncos 23 Chargers 22

Broncos show that they have something – just not consistent or good enough for the play offs

Chargers suffer a bad defeat – that game at the Chiefs looks huge now

Raiders at Cardinals CARDINALS by 3

Raiders 23 Cardinals 21

Two bad teams probably wish they could play each other every week – Raiders win with a last gasp kick that may ultimately affect their draft

Cardinals turn a winning position into a yet another loss – 2019 anyone?

Eagles at Saints SAINTS by 17

Eagles 7 Saints 48

Eagles should be done after this embarrassment but they are still alive because of a competitive (some might say poor) division – trips to Dallas and LA on the horizon

Saints confirm just how good they are – give Brees a Superbowl ring now!

Vikings at Bears VIKINGS by 5

Vikings 20 Bears 25

Vikings suffer a stinging loss and its all or nothing as they host the Packers next week before travelling to New England and Seattle

Bears continue on a roll but on a short week Trubisky has suffered a worrying injury and tough games against the Rams and Packers up ahead

Chiefs at Rams RAMS by 3

Chiefs 51 Rams 54

Well what a game – the Chiefs can be proud in defeat – but ill disciplined at the start and they will need to tidy that up – two big games loom against Chargers and Seahawks

Rams see it through – impressive in so many ways – but poor clock management – no timeouts going into the game winning drive and only took 28 seconds off the clock to give Mahomes another chance