October 9, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 5

Is the NFL season finally starting to sort itself out? Well, there are one or two exceptions (49ers 4-0?) but generally yes. There will always be turnups (Broncos over the Chargers), but I think the play off picture is actually a lot clearer – and I’m not changing my take on it!

Some great match ups this week – and must win games already!

Predictions total of 10-5 – huge turnaround from last week – but still must be better.

Rams 29 Seahawks 30
The Rams showed signs of getting back to life, but home field and a more in tune Seahawks just held on. The Rams will get better – I think the Seahawks are at their peak which will challenge for the play offs but not much more.

Jaguars 27 Panthers 34

A spirited Panthers team did enough to see off the Jags who will continue to be in and out under Gardner Minshew. The conundrum for the Panthers is what to do when Newton returns.

Cardinals 26 Bengals 23

Bengals finally found some fight, only to be pipped at the post. I think the Bengals will improve (slightly) from here, whilst the Cards might win one or two more.

Falcons 32 Texans 53

Deshaun Watson had a monster day as the Falcons continue to provide more questions than answers. They still have the weapons – but it seems they have forgotten how to use them.

Buccaneers 24 Saints 31

Another dominant day for the Saints under Teddy Bridgewater – the margin could have been bigger. Brees isn’t far off a return – making the Saints genuine NFC title contenders.

Vikings 28 Giants 10

Vikings needed this, and Cousins had a pretty good day. However, it was only the Giants, who really need the off season to rebuild! I wonder how they would have fared if Daniel Jones had been given the starting job at the beginning of the season.

Bears 21 Raiders 24

Raiders must like the new Tottenham stadium, and although the Bears rallied ultimately they were outplayed on the day. This is a huge blow in the ultra competitive NFC North.

Jets 6 Eagles 31

Eagles cruised to an easy win – if only they could either find some consistency or play the Jets every week.

Ravens 26 Steelers 23

Steelers showing some fight without Big Ben, now we wait to see how long their second string QB is out for. The Ravens fought hard in this one, and are clear favourites at the top of the AFC North.

Bills 14 Titans 7

A gritty performance by the Bills who proved themselves to be the second best team in the AFC East, albeit a long way short of the Pats. Play off bound though, unlike the Titans who are not faring well in a poor AFC South.

Patriots 33 Redskins 7

After a good start the Redskins collapsed. I’m predicting at least an 8-0 start for the Pats who seem to have shrugged off a few below par performances.

Broncos 20 Chargers 13

The much vaunted return of Melvin Gordon – and the Chargers lost. The Broncos played their best game of the season – but don’t expect too many more of these. The Charges will hope it was just rust – but they need to string a few wins together for a play off run.

Packers 34 Cowboys 24

This seemed like a comfortable win for the Packers, but once again they could not put four quarters together and almost let the Cowboys back into it. The Cowboys looked unenthusiastic and need to get their act together quickly if they want to see off the Eagles in the NFC East. The Packers are now unquestionably Superbowl contenders.

Colts 19 Chiefs 13

Bit of a shocker – and how badly is Mahomes injured? I guess Brissett could be the QB that the Colts have been looking for – only time will tell. They are definitely in the hunt for a wildcard.

Browns 3 49ers 31

All of the hype pouring out of the Browns bubble is now being injected into the 49ers! I saw this as an upset – some may say it was predicted and the bookies made the 49ers favourites. The Browns are just not that good, and the 49ers will have tougher games than this.

Week 6 Preview

The Bears, Bills, Colts and Raiders have byes this week.

Giants at Patriots
Patriots by 32

I have a suspicion that Bill Belichick is in charge of NFL schedules. Another walkover for the Pats as the Giants start to wonder where their next W will come from.

Panthers at Buccaneers
Buccaneers by 4

Just when the Panthers were looking to the play offs, along comes Winston and the Bucs. I don’t think the Bucs are great, but they can have good days and this may well be one of them.

Redskins at Dolphins
Redskins by 3

Has there ever been a 0-0 draw in the NFL? Two dreadful teams face off, and the Redskins, as the least worst team, just about edge it in a game that should be nowhere near primetime.

Eagles at Vikings
Vikings by 3

Crucial NFC match up – and I am going with the Vikings at home. Wentz has played better recently, but he definitely has a disaster in him! Cousins might just triumph by continually handing the ball to Dalvin Cook.

Texans at Chiefs
Chiefs by 7

I don’t think Watson can repeat last week’s heroics, but I will assume that Mahomes will be fit and he will play better than last week. Another great match up – with the Arrowhead crowd being the difference.

Saints at Jaguars
Saints by 7

Jaguars again keep it fairly close, but the Saints are rolling right now and will not fear Minshew and the Jags.

Seahawks at Browns
Browns by 3

Browns will be hurting after the Monday night loss, whilst the Seahawks will be up after defeating the Rams. But I still believe the Seahawks cannot play any better, whilst the Browns definitely can. Prepare for the hype train to start rolling again.

Bengals at Ravens
Ravens by 21

Ravens in cruise control as the Bengals slip to 0-6. AJ Green’s return date anyone?

49ers at Rams
Rams by 13

Rams bounce back and end the unbeaten run of their Californian rivals. With their respective starts this has unexpectedly turned in to a huge game, and the Rams will be more determined than the 49ers, who must be just a little surprised at their current record.

Falcons at Cardinals
Falcons by 10

Even when spiralling to new depths the Falcons should at least be able to put in one good performance. The Cardinals can’t be expected to get back to back wins.

Cowboys at Jets
Cowboys by 28

After their tough defeat to the Packers the Cowboys would probably have picked the Jets or the Dolphins to play next (or maybe the Redskins but that’s a divisional game). They got the Jets, and will take full advantage.

Titans at Broncos
Broncos by 6

Genuinely tough call – but I am going for back to back Broncos wins as the altitude kicks in. Mariota is quite capable of getting a win here – but confidence must be rock bottom about now.

Steelers at Chargers
Chargers by 10

A must win game for the Chargers and they put it all together as Gordon gets back on track. The Steelers are already looking towards the draft as their QB woes mount up.

Lions at Packers
Packers by 10

Packers riding high at the moment, and they will have too much for the Lions who are over achieving. It will be interesting to see if Rodgers can put together 4 good quarters.

Play Offs

Maybe the Colts, I will give the Chargers another week.