November 14, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 10

Week 10 saw the last unbeaten record fall and there were a few other results that raised eyebrows. The Falcons over the Saints was probably the biggest shock, but wins for the Titans and Dolphins were also off the wall. Mid season madness – and I am predicting a return to normality this week.

So what happened last week?

Predictions were 5-8 – a total disaster – but I got the controversial ones right and a lot of the ones I got wrong will have no impact on the end of season!

Chargers 24 Raiders 26

Mortal blow to the Chargers play off hopes. The Raiders are quietly moving into contention – but it will not be enough.

Ravens 49 Bengals 13

The Ravens look unstoppable at the moment – but they will be stopped eventually. The Bengals proved to be the big winners in the race for first pick.

Bills 16 Browns 19

The Browns much vaunted Offense outplayed by its D, and it was enough to cause a bump in the Bills play off road.

Lions 13 Bears 20

The basement battle went to the Bears – but it can hardly be described as turning a corner. Expect better from the Lions and worse from the Bears.

Giants 27 Jets 34

A close battle for New York with the Jets perhaps ruing their victory as they edge away from the number one pick.

Chiefs 32 Titans 35

Chiefs on the wrong end of a big upset – or is it just that the Titans have their number. The manouvering for play off spots is thrown wide open by this result with the Ravens and Patriots cheering the loudest.

Cardinals 27 Buccaneers 30

A coin toss that I got wrong – but I suspect the Cardinals will be happier with the performance if not the result.

Falcons 26 Saints 9

A huge upset – and one that the Packers, Seahawks and 49ers will all have enjoyed. Brees needs to get this defeat out of his system quickly. Ryan will be thinking that they are now two games behind the Bengals in that race for top pick.

Dolphins 16 Colts 12

Colts need to get a QB back as soon as possible. The Dolphins are on a roll, but probably an unwanted one with picks at stake.

Rams 12 Steelers 17

Its now official that the Rams won’t make the play offs. Gurley and co have lost their way this season and need a big change to turn things around. The Steelers still have hopes of the play offs – but that will soon come to an end.

Panthers 16 Packers 24

A masterpiece in game management by Rodgers as the Panthers put up a good show but ultimately fell short.

Vikings 28 Cowboys 24

Cousins continues to surprise as the Cowboys reveal their flaws. Not convinced that Elliott is even close to his best, and with that Prescott’s flaws are exposed.

Seahawks 27 49ers 24

A great game? Maybe. An entertaining game? Certainly. But actually it was low on quality and high on mistakes. Fumbles, interceptions that were the result of bad throws, missed kicks, it had them all. Ultimately the Seahawks needed it more.

Week 11 Preview

The Packers, Seahawks, Giants and Titans have byes, and the first two will be hoping for a clean bill of health for their final 6 games.

Steelers at Browns
Browns by 10
Regular readers will know that I am not a fan of either of these teams. A defensive battle sees the Browns win comfortably.

Falcons at Panthers
Panthers by 6
Falcons will be buoyed by last week’s shock, whilst the Panthers will be hurting after a disappointing trip to Lambeau. Panthers get back on track as their pass rush demolishes Ryan.

Cowboys at Lions
Cowboys by 3
Lions hurting after another divisional loss, but the Cowboys need it more and will come through at the death.

Jaguars at Colts
Colts by 10
Colts in danger if falling apart but then along comes the Jaguars. Home side back on track in the play off race.

Bills at Dolphins
Bills by 4
Bills need to get back to winning ways, and the Dolphins are simply not good enough to win again.

Texans at Ravens
Ravens by 8
This promises to be an entertaining game from a QB standpoint. Watson makes more mistakes than Jackson and that is the difference.

Broncos at Vikings
Vikings by 17
Vikings dominate to keep pace in the NFC North. Broncos already know its not their year.

Jets at Redskins
Redskins by 3
Difficult to predict for all the wrong reasons. If Le’Veon Bell gets going then the Jets win. I don’t think he does so the Redskins come out on top.

Saints at Buccaneers
Saints by 14
Brees back in rhythm to get last week’s shock out of the system. Bucs play the game we all expect them to. Lots of Offense, lots of mistakes.

Cardinals at 49ers
49ers by 10
Expect the Cardinals to keep this one close into the fourth, but the 49ers remember how to win and pull clear.

Bengals at Raiders
Raiders by 14
Raiders still have a squeak of the play offs – and their case is improved here. The Bengals’ goal of top pick is also helped as they give up another rack of points.

Patriots at Eagles
Eagles by 3
Patriots come back rusty and the Eagles take advantage to keep the Cowboys looking over their shoulder. Patriots now in the mix with Ravens and Chiefs.

Bears at Rams
Rams by 6
A game full of errors is edged by the Rams but it will be too little too late.

Chiefs at Chargers
Chiefs by 10
Mahomes gets back on track against the friendly Chargers.

Play Offs







Wildcard Weekend


Ravens beat Bills

Texans beat Colts


Seahawks beat Vikings

49ers beat Cowboys

Divisional Play Offs


Patriots beat Texans

Chiefs beat Ravens


Packers beat 49ers

Saints beat Seahawks

Conference Championships


Chiefs beat Patriots


Packers beat Saints


Packers beat Chiefs