October 1, 2020 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 4

Last week

A disappointing week at 7-9, but one that could have been so much better with a lot of close games. Burrow didn’t quite get his first W but avoided his third L, and Rodgers and Mahomes proved that they are the best in their conference. New York teams are pitiful, and it is possible that Denver will sink to similar depths. Worrying times for the Texans and the Vikings. I think the Texans can turn it around in NFL Week 4, not sure about Minnesota.

Week 4 Predictions

Broncos 10 Jets 21

At least Sam Darnold has NFL experience, and surely the Jets can’t be that bad all season. Denver have their own problems at QB, but really this could end up 0-0!

Ravens 35 Washington 10

The Ravens get just the right opponent to get back to winning ways. Washington’s allegedly fearsome pass rush was not great last week – so expect Jackson to enjoy plenty of time to deliver.

Chargers 13 Buccaneers 31

This will be a reality check for the Chargers as Brady gets used to his new team.

Seahawks 32 Dolphins 24

Fitzmagic should be able to keep this reasonably close based on the Dolphins victory last week and the problems evident in the Seahawks D. However, consistency is not exactly the name of the game for Miami, so if they start slowly it could be a blowout.

Vikings 20 Texans 34

This will show which of these is genuinely a 0-3 team. For me that is the Vikings – and I can see Houston asserting their superiority early.

Saints 31 Lions 24

Intriguing match up but I favour Brees getting a reaction to the Packers defeat to outclass Stafford.

Browns 18 Cowboys 33

The up and down season for the Cowboys clicks here and the Browns get the opposite reaction as they drop to 2-2.

Jaguars 23 Bengals 31

Joe Burrow finally gets the win, and comfortably against the Jaguars who rely too heavily on an average QB.

Colts 24 Bears 27

A real toss up dependent on so many things. So lets assume Foles starts and the Bears hold on, despite a late rally from Rivers.

Cardinals 28 Panthers 24

This looks like another close one, and I suspect back to back wins for Carolina is just a step too far. Murray to find his mojo again.

Giants 10 Rams 38

A one sided contest as the Giants head towards the number one pick, though they will have their close rival Jets to contend with.

Bills 24 Raiders 21

Bills hold on against Carr and the Raiders, with Josh Allen starring again.

Patriots 24 Chiefs 35

Game of the week shows just how good the Chiefs are. Newton suffers the same fate as Jackson as his running efforts are overshadowed by his lack of production through the air.

Eagles 17 49ers 30

Will Wentz be benched, probably not, and that will contribute to a smooth 49ers win despite their multiple injury concerns.

Falcons 16 Packers 38

Packers add to the misery in Atlanta as Rodgers continues to rack up yards, TDs and victories.

Week 3 Results

Dolphins 31 Jaguars 13

(My prediction Dolphins 24 Jaguars 27)

Fitzmagic keeps Tua on the bench for another week at least. Where do the Jaguars go from here? Bengals next and strongly fancied to give Burrow his first win.

Texans 21 Steelers 28

(Texans 34 Steelers 27)

Solid comeback for the Steelers. Worrying times for the Texans who need to find a replacement for Hopkins

Bengals 23 Eagles 23

(Bengals 31 Eagles 34)

Burrow excellent again but desperately needs protection. Wentz awful again, and must be looking nervously at the bench.

49ers 36 Giants 9

(49ers 20 Giants 24)

Fair play to the 49ers who overcame huge injury problems. The Giants were just terrible, and its difficult to see them getting a win any time soon.

Raiders 20 Patriots 36

(Raiders 17 Patriots 34)

Cam is the man for now. An efficient performance from the Patriots that Derek Carr just could not keep up with.

Titans 31 Vikings 30

(Titans 17 Vikings 28)

Another shocker for Cousins as the Titans show glimpses of greatness, but lets not get carried away, it was only the Vikings!

Washington 20 Browns 34

(Washington 20 Browns 24)

Maybe the Washington pass rush is not as fearsome as everyone thought. Back to back wins for the Browns but they will soon revert to type.

Rams 32 Bills 35

(Rams 30 Bills 24)

Josh Allen was outstanding as the Rams suffered, maybe from a bit of jet lag after successive east coast road trips. Two teams that will contend later in the season.

Bears 30 Falcons 26

(Bears 24 Falcons 31)

Trubisky benched, and early enough for Foles to make a difference. The Falcons sink to new depths after showing some signs of a revival last week.

Panthers 21 Chargers 16

(Panthers 17 Chargers 21)

Panthers getting used to Bridgewater and vice versa. The Chargers brought back down to earth after a few over performances.

Jets 7 Colts 36

(Jets 10 Colts 28)

Rivers found form but it was only the Jets. New York football is in a sorry state at the moment.

Cowboys 31 Seahawks 38

(Cowboys 21 Seahawks 38)

Cowboys kept it close but must do better if they are to contend. Wilson did enough but the D is a worry.

Buccaneers 28 Broncos 10

(Buccaneers 32 Broncos 16)

Brady with a regulation win and more injury woes for the Broncos. Not quite sure where their next win will come from, oh hang on, they play the Jets this week!

Lions 26 Cardinals 23

(Lions 21 Cardinals 31)

This is what can happen when you have a clutch kicker, a good QB and AP at running back. One of Stafford’s better games, and enough to overcome the Cardinals. Its clear that something good is happening in Arizona, but they are still at the early stages of the process.

Packers 37 Saints 30

(Packers 32 Saints 27)

Packers are hot in all phases of the game at the moment, and the Saints seem to be have become stifled, with the exception of Alvin Kamara. Worrying times in New Orleans who missed Michael Thomas way more than the visitors missed Davante Adams.

Chiefs 34 Ravens 20

(Chiefs 33 Ravens 31)

A result that is enough to give Lamar Jackson nightmares. Mahomes did what he wanted, aided by Edwards-Helaire and a well-established receiving corps. The Chiefs’ QB certainly has Jackson’s number. For me its the difference between a balanced offense, and one that puts the emphasis on the QB run.

AFC East


AFC North


AFC South


AFC West


AFC Seeds


AFC Play Offs

Ravens beat Raiders
Bills beat Steelers
Texans beat Patriots

Chiefs beat Texans
Ravens beat Bills

Chiefs beat Ravens

NFC East


NFC North


The Bears move up on the back of benching Trubisky.

NFC South


NFC West


The 49ers have continued to win despite their injury list!

NFC Seeds


NFC Play Offs

Saints beat 49ers
Seahawks beat Buccaneers
Cowboys beat Rams

Packers beat Cowboys
Saints beat Seahawks

Packers beat Saints


Packers beat Chiefs