October 16, 2020 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 6

Last week

9-5 and I’ll take that in another topsy-turvy week. Where will Le’Veon Bell turn up next? Looking like KC but what will that mean for Edwards-Helaire? Who will coach the Falcons? How many QB “situations” are there? It’s a great time to be an NFL fan.

Week 6 Predictions

Broncos 10 Patriots 37

Patriots win easily as the Broncos are overwhelmed on the ground and through the air.

Texans 21 Titans 31

Another win for the Titans who move to favourites for the AFC South title. Texans still got to figure out how to get the best out of Watson.

Browns 17 Steelers 27

Its always interesting when an up and coming team comes up against one of the big boys. At the start of the season the Steelers weren’t my idea of contenders, but they are proving more than just me wrong. The Browns stumble to defeat as Big Ben throws for plenty more yards.

Ravens 30 Eagles 24

Wentz will make plenty of mistakes but I think he can keep the scoreboard ticking over. Jackson will have too much firepower.

Washington 17 Giants 24

Giants get their first win at the expense of a poor Washington. I am expecting a big day for Daniel Jones (at last).

Falcons 17 Vikings 28

Cousins has a good day against the troubled Falcons. Big changes needed in Atlanta.

Lions 31 Jaguars 20

Stafford accumulates plenty of yards and touchdowns against a poor Jaguars D. Minshew keeps them in the game, but at a safe distance.

Bengals 24 Colts 28

Spirited return for Joe Burrow who gets his quick release going. Colts do enough to hang on, but it could be different if Rivers has another off day.

Bears 16 Panthers 24

Teddy does it again, this time exposing the Bears as an overrated franchise.

Jets 17 Dolphins 34

Fitzmagic keeps Tua firmly on the bench as the Jets realise that releasing Bell has done them no good whatsoever on the field.

Packers 35 Buccaneers 27

Rodgers gives Brady a lesson, finding at least eight different receivers in another masterclass. Brady keeps it together, but his fading prowess is not enough.

Rams 34 49ers 17

Goff engineers an easy win as the questions in San Francisco start to mount. Expect a big day for Goff with short passes mixed in with the occasional big play.

Chiefs 32 Bills 28

Mahomes bounces back from the Raiders defeat, but not without a scare. Josh Allen does enough to keep the Bills in the contest, but falls short in the fourth.

Cardinals 31 Cowboys 34

Dalton springs a surprise as the Cowboys somehow consolidate their position at the top of the very weak NFC East. Murray generates plenty of offense himself, but Dalton keeps one score ahead.

Week 5 Results

Buccaneers 19 Bears 20

(My prediction Buccaneers 28 Bears 17)

Surprising loss and Brady looked shaky against a marauding Bears defense.

Rams 30 Washington 10

(Rams 17 Washington 10)

Rams played efficiently and strangled the Washington offense.

Bills 16 Titans 42

(Bills 27 Titans 24)

Bills looked like the ones who had been without practice as Tannehill showed Allen how an efficient QB operates. Big statement from Tennessee, a blow to the Bills’ divisional title hopes.

Eagles 29 Steelers 38

(Eagles 20 Steelers 31)

Steelers ruthless despite a valiant display from the Eagles. Perhaps they are not a forlorn hope in a very weak division.

Cardinals 30 Jets 10

(Cardinals 31 Jets 24)

Turmoil for the Jets with Bell leaving this week. Not easy to identify a winnable game. Cardinals back on track in a tough division.

Raiders 40 Chiefs 32

(Raiders 20 Chiefs 38)

Has the secret of Mahomes been unlocked? He struggled last week, and this week he came apart as the Raiders ran amock. Worrying times for the KC D giving up 40 points.

Jaguars 14 Texans 30

(Jaguars 14 Texans 33)

Texans get their first win, but all is still not well in Houston. The Jaguars are on a lengthy losing streak – they could do with a game in New York!

Bengals 3 Ravens 27

(Bengals 24 Ravens 28)

Bengals D showed up, the O definitely did not. Burrow was poor, not helped by a mountain of pressure. On the other side of the ball the Ravens might be concerned about a lack of production.

Panthers 23 Falcons 16

(Panthers 21 Falcons 24)

Farewell to Dan Quinn as the Panthers got another win without CMC. Where next for Matt Ryan?

Dolphins 43 49ers 17

(Dolphins 21 49ers 20)

It seems certain that Jimmy G was brought back too soon, and who knows what long term impact that will have? Credit to the Dolphins on both sides of the ball, but the 49ers are in danger of falling apart.

Giants 34 Cowboys 37

(Giants 31 Cowboys 34)

Too close for comfort for the Cowboys, and the loss of Dak won’t help. The Red Rifle will not generate as much production, but perhaps he will manage the game better. The Giants will get a win before too long, but not sure they will get more than one or two.

Colts 23 Browns 32

(Colts 24 Browns 21)

Could the Browns be contenders? They are starting to add consistency to their occasional brilliance. The Colts, and specifically Rivers, are not what everyone predicted.

Vikings 26 Seahawks 27

(Vikings 24 Seahawks 33)

The Vikings are just not that good, and for the Seahawks to only win by one shows that they have plenty of flaws.

Chargers 27 Saints 30

(Chargers 24 Saints 34)

Poor discipline, poor execution, and yet the Saints still pulled off the win. That’s what good teams do! The Chargers will win some more games, but really they should look to next season and beyond with Justin Herbert.

AFC East


Not ready to abandon the Bills just yet – their matchups with the Patriots will be key.

AFC North


AFC South


The Titans impressed last week, and with the woes in Houston I am flipping them in this division.

AFC West


AFC Seeds


Steelers jump to number 5.

AFC Play Offs

Ravens beat Raiders
Patriots beat Bills
Steelers beat Titans

Chiefs beat Patriots
Ravens beat Steelers

Chiefs beat Ravens

NFC East


Eagles and Giants flip – but it won’t really matter.

NFC North


NFC South


NFC West


Keeping an eye on the Cardinals – maybe to go ahead of 49ers.

NFC Seeds


NFC Play Offs

Saints beat 49ers
Seahawks beat Buccaneers
Rams beat Cowboys

Packers beat Rams
Saints beat Seahawks

Packers beat Saints


Packers beat Chiefs