May 30, 2015 by Michael Madden

The Saga Draws To A Close

The silver car saga is almost at an end. I have email confirmation that the dealer will be providing a full refund and so we can move on. The latest chosen vehicle is a white Kia Sportage, so look out for a brand new white car saga in the next few weeks. Incidentally, all of my posts got removed from the Dacia UK Facebook site, so I posted a new one, and Dacia kindly asked me if any of their customer services team had been in touch. I took that as an opportunity to repost the pictures and let people know of the whole sorry mess. In summary, NEVER buy a Dacia as they will quickly rust (if they have not done so already), and NEVER deal with Renault as their customer service is shocking.

As a footnote, Autoexpress are still keen to run a story on this, warning people of the perils of rusty dusters. They should write a poem.

Zac had an allergic reaction this week, relatively mild, but he he had swollen lips and his breathing became wheezy. The only thing we could tie it down to was Seabrook cheese & onion crisps! He’s been fine since he reverted to Walkers prawn cocktail.

I’ve noticed recently that I get a lot of email from Delia. It seems that the celebrity chef is keen on spamming people based on what they comment about. Delia seemed particularly active after the Rhubarb Crumble post. Anyway. I have blacklisted her, but yesterday I ended up with the Delta-Homes virus. Could Delia really be responsible for delivering this nasty thing through her emails? The virus intercepts your browser and redirects it. It also slows your computer down massively. I installed Spyhunter to clean it all up, but it took ages. Not sure how it got onto my computer, as I use McAfee Livesafe, but its fixed now, along with a ton of other potential threats that were hidden in cookies throughout my system.

Hopefully Delia won’t be reading this – but yesterday I made a vegetarian chilli with swede and carrots. Actually tastes ok – the swede gives it some substance. Ole asked “Where’s the meat?”but he ate it anyway. I then made Rocky Road with a mixture of plain chocolate and Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Seemed to lack a bit of moisture but turned out ok. I just wonder if either of them will last until Sunday when I take them to Gabi!

The History Of Zombies now runs to over 5,300 words, and our heroes have officially cured their first zombie. Yes ‘cured’ not slaughtered! I’ll see if catches on. Might have to introduce some bloodletting later in the story.

The Raven now has a full cast, makeup artist, light and sound technician, producer, and costume designer! There are only a total of about 150 tickets that will be available for sale, so when they get released you need to get in quickly! We are planning a photoshoot on 14th June – should be a lot of fun. We are now on the lookout for stage props. So far we have a candelabra, a crystal ball, and a skull.

There are a lot of rants on Facebook at the moment, touching everything from FIFA to village cricket, to Britain’s Got Talent. Its an easy medium to use, far better than writing to The Times of London and signing it Outraged From Taxal. I sometimes wonder whether the ranters really want to address the issues they rant about, or do they just want to hide behind their posts. A quick glance at the ‘Seen By’ figure should encourage them to have a word with themselves.

Ask Zac today is about potential names for his niece, due to arrive in November. “Do you think she should be called Memphis?” asked Fiona, as Man United have just signed Memphis Depay and Ole is named after a famous footballer. “No” was his reply. “Can you imagine someone shouting ‘Come over here Memphis’?”. He was then asked what he considers to be chavvy names. For some reason “Dan” was top of his list.