August 1, 2018 by Mike Madden

Mike Sanchez

This article was created to promote Mike Sanchez Big Town Playboy, the authorised biography of the iconic rock and roll performer. It was also used to promote his appearance at the Leek Blues & Americana Festival in 2014.

Fifty years ago the golden age of rock and roll was fading from view as the swinging sixties swept over the musical seascape and into the hearts and souls of the children of the day. However, Mike Sanchez fought against the tide, and continues to do so to this day. It started with a few borrowed 45s, then came the quiff and some knockout threads. He entered through the darkened doors of roots and blues music and spread light so that a whole new generation could enjoy its celestial message. His charismatic stage presence was a train that stomped along the tracks, and the great and the good were happy to get on board that blues express running from Chicago to the West Coast.

Musical titans have always been happy to give him the keys to their kingdom and the freedom of their stage. Bill Wyman, Eric Clapton, Mick Fleetwood, Robert Plant and of course Jeff Beck listened to him, loved him, feted him and above all applauded him.

Mike Sanchez will always be an iconic figure forever cast in the melting pot of roots and blues. To the authenticity of the past he gives a new energy as he rocks his piano into dust. The artist remains true to his soul, continually foregoing the painting by numbers of corporate control in favour of the freedom to splash his palette across the eager canvas of rock and roll.

His recordings are a unique mixture of original compositions and evocative covers. There are the solo albums Just Can’t Afford It and Blue Boy, and the collaborations Women & Cadillacs with Knockout Greg and Blue Weather and Babes & Buicks with The Beat From Palookaville. You Better Dig It! recreates some raw rock and roll in which Mike remains true to the original keys of these classic cuts, and his most recent release is the critically acclaimed Almost Grown with the fabulous Imelda May. His brand new authorised biography ‘Mike Sanchez: Big Town Playboy’ by Michael Madden with foreword by Robert Plant is available from Amazon and all good bookstores.

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