October 2, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 4

Well that was a disastrous week in terms of predictions – but maybe not quite time to reassess everything. The Saints are coping admirably without Brees, but I can see two other new QBs (Jones and Daniel) hitting a wall in Week 5.

The NFC North has taken on a new look – but I’m sticking with the Packers thanks to Cousins and Daniel / Trubisky being nowhere near the play of Rodgers, and with the belief that the Lions will at some point implode.

The AFC North has turned into a two horse race with the Browns victory – but I am still not convinced! I am convinced that the Bengals are fast developing into one of the worst teams in the league alongside the Jets, Dolphins and Redskins.

The Patriots pretty much locked up a divisional title at the Bills, while the AFC South could be anybody’s, if anyone actually wants it.

Predictions total of 5-10 – can’t get any worse!

Eagles 34 Packers 27

Just when the Packers put together a good Offense, their D fails to show up. Much improved from the Eagles, can they get on a roll?

Titans 24 Falcons 10

Something has gone badly wrong with the Falcons. With their weapons, and at home, they should be hitting 30 points. The Titans played well – but inconsistency seems to be their middle name.

Browns 40 Ravens 25

Seems the hype is growing for the Browns – with an easy victory against a tough Ravens team. However, this was down to one or two big plays, and if they played it again (as they will in Cleveland), it will be much closer.

Patriots 16 Bills 10

The Bills Offense is non existent but their Defense at times made Brady seem like a journeyman. The Patriots did enough, but the Bills D will win them games.

Chiefs 34 Lions 30

Lions put up another improved showing – but ultimately failed against Mahomes. The Chiefs only got their noses in front at the end – are there some chinks in their armoury?

Panthers 16 Texans 10

This is the kind of result the AFC South favourites can expect as that division is really poor. The Panthers roll on – what will they do when Newton gets fit?

Raiders 31 Colts 24

Did not see this coming at all! Maybe Brissett’s honeymoon period is over? I certainly don’t see this as a revival for Oakland.

Chargers 30 Dolphins 10

A good win for the Chargers, and although the Dolphins played better they still lost by 20 points. Just about shows where they are right now.

Redskins 3 Giants 24

Alongside the Dolphins there are the Redskins! Good win for QB Jones, but really the Giants are not that good.

Seahawks 24 Cardinals 3

Seahawks starting to dominate teams – should be a crucial match up this Thursday. The Cards can forget this one, they are still an improving side with a young QB.

Buccaneers 55 Rams 40

Absolutely no one could have got this score right, and not many would have predicted the result. Winston got the headlines, with some claiming that he has turned a corner. I am not convinced. The Rams seem to be misfiring quite a bit – and they have another tough one on Thursday.

Vikings 6 Bears 16

The Vikings should have had enough to win this – but with Dalvin Cook restricted by the strong Bears D it was down to Cousins – and that is never going to work. Chase Daniel for Trubisky? Not much in it!

Jaguars 26 Broncos 24

Jaguars are getting some attention, and although this could be considered an upset it was only the Broncos.

Cowboys 10 Saints 12

Great effort from the Saints D, coping well without Brees. The Cowboys came down to earth with a bump – and an interesting matchup with the Packers to come.

Bengals 3 Steelers 27
The poor Steelers beat the very poor Bengals. At least the Bengals have AJ Green to return, and they can maybe get a healthier O-Line. Neither team will make the playoffs.

Week 5 Preview

The Lions and Dolphins sit on defeats in their bye week.

Rams at Seahawks
Seahawks by 4
The stuttering Rams struggle again against the Seahawks who are starting to look like a good team. Another big day for Wilson.

Jaguars at Panthers
Panthers by 3
A coin toss between two teams that outperformed last week. Jaguars may be play off contenders with a win here, Panthers won’t.

Cardinals at Bengals
Bengals by 10
Home field gives the Bengals their first win. Cardinals still a basement team despite signs of improvement.

Falcons at Texans
Texans by 12
The fading Falcons get another beating at the hands of the Texans as Watson gets the home side back on track.

Buccaneers at Saints
Saints by 7
The Saints are holding up without Brees, but if Winston performs as well as last week that may be challenged. I don’t think he will!

Vikings at Giants
Vikings by 10
Dalvin Cook could have a monster day as the Giants are brought back down to earth. However, if they can force Cousins to throw anything could happen.

Bears at Raiders
Bears by 3
Derek Carr is no match for the Bears D, but the Bears O also struggles to score.

Jets at Eagles
Eagles by 24
Easy win for Wentz to build on last week’s surprise at Lambeau. Jets coming off a bye will have one eye on next year’s draft already.

Ravens at Steelers
Ravens by 12
Ravens back on cruise control after losing a shootout with the Browns. Steelers can’t contain the resurgent Ravens O.

Bills at Titans
Bills by 3
Bills recover from defeat against the Patriots to upset Mariota and the Titans. Home field advantage does not amount to much in Tennessee.

Patriots at Redskins
Patriots by 28
Brady notches another easy win as the Redskins hit 0-5. They will be keeping an eye on the Jets, Bengals and Dolphins results rather than those in their own division.

Broncos at Chargers
Chargers by 14
Broncos couldn’t hold on at home, at the Chargers they will lose badly.

Packers at Cowboys
Cowboys by 6
Rodgers can’t quite engineer a 4th quarter comeback, but if the early season Pack D meets last week’s Cowboys O then things could get interesting.

Colts at Chiefs
Chiefs by 24
Mahomes a lot more at home here and the Colts take a beating.

Browns at 49ers
Browns by 10
I don’t buy in to the Browns hype, but I’m even less impressed by the 49ers. Expect the Browns to keep on rolling.

Play Offs

Maybe the Bears, maybe the Browns, but I’ll give them another week.