October 17, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 6

In answer to last week’s question, no the NFL season is not sorting itself out. So this week’s question is, can you win the Superbowl without an elite quarterback. Historically the answer must be “no” with Nick Foles being the exception that proves the rule. Apart from Foles the last eight different winners are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger. In today’s NFL Flacco and Eli Manning, and possibly Big Ben too, are at the end of their careers. Wilson was probably flattered by an unbelievable defense, but he is still up there. So can you see any of Andy Dalton, Jameis Winston, Kirk Cousins, Mitch Trubisky, Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz, Cam Newton, Jared Goff, Derek Carr, Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, Matt Ryan, DeShaun Watson, etc getting to the next level? Probably not – so although most of them are good QBs, “elite” is a whole different ball game. That probably only leaves about four teams that could win the Superbowl. Patriots, Saints, Packers, and Seahawks. Its too early to lay that on Mahomes – I’ll wait and see. There are others, Baker Mayfield, Daniel Jones, Kyler Murray, but at the moment they just don’t have the teams around them, as is probably obvious by their draft numbers.

So what happened last week?

Predictions were 7-7 not great – but it could have been worse!

Giants 14 Patriots 35

Another run of the mill victory for Brady – he must wish he could get a real test – well not this week as he faces the Jets!

Panthers 37 Buccaneers 26

Dire showing from Winston as the Panthers continue their roll.

Redskins 17 Dolphins 16

Both were in the unusual situation of having a chance to actually win a game. Redskins prevailed – they can both get back to normal with a sound beating this week.

Eagles 20 Vikings 38

Every once in a while an average QB can put in a great performance. This week it was Cousins, next week it probably wont be!

Texans 31 Chiefs 24

Chiefs faltering as Watson put in a solid performance. Is Mahomes injury worse than anyone will admit?

Saints 13 Jaguars 6

Saints doing great without Brees. There is no doubt that he will come back when fit – and that could pave the way to the NFC Championship game.

Seahawks 32 Browns 28

The hype bubble is now well and truly a flat tyre. With the woes of the Rams continuing the Seahawks are now looking good for the play offs.

Bengals 17 Ravens 23

Signs of life for the Bengals but still winless. The Ravens should stroll to the AFC North title.

49ers 20 Rams 7

Garoppolo continues his remarkable run, and the Rams without Gurley prove to be toothless. Bit early to be writing them off – but they need to turn things around fast.

Falcons 33 Cardinals 34

A pleasing win for the Cardinals – the Falcons need to make changes from the top.

Cowboys 22 Jets 24

Shock of the week – the winless Jets get off the mark at the expense of a Cowboys team in freefall. They are fortunate that they are in the NFC East!

Titans 0 Broncos 16

Mariota on the brink after another poor showing, The Broncos moving towards respectability – which is a surprise in itself.

Steelers 24 Chargers 17

One last hurrah for Rivers is disappearing fast. The Steelers proved hot on D, but they still haven’t got the O to contend.

Lions 22 Packers 23

The Packers were ahead for the only time as the clock expired – that’s what championship teams do, They got the best of the decisions, and they have Aaron Rodgers. The NFC Championship and the Saints on the horizon.

Week 7 Preview

The Panthers, Browns, Steelers and Buccaneers have byes this week.

Chiefs at Broncos
Chiefs by 10
Chiefs don’t have it all their own way but get back on track against the Broncos who have outperformed in recent weeks.

Dolphins at Bills
Bills by 10
Dolphins keep it close but the Bills D dominates to take the win.

Jaguars at Bengals
Jaguars by 3
I would give the Bengals a shot at this but injuries are decimating them. Jaguars get a welcome win but Bengals keep it close

Vikings at Lions
Lions by 6
Lions bring Cousins back down to earth by converting early drives into TDs, something they could not do last week.

Raiders at Packers
Packers by 17
I think this is the game when the Pack get it all together – Carr and the Raiders will not be able to live with that.

Rams at Falcons
Rams by 7
I am expecting a shootout here – but if Gurley returns the Rams ground game will see them home.

Texans at Colts
Texans by 4
Huge game in the AFC South. Texans prevail to give them a massive divisional boost.

49ers at Redskins
49ers by 7
Much as I cannot get involved in the 49ers runaway train they should have enough to see off the Redskins, despite the home side coming off a win.

Cardinals at Giants
Giants by 21
Big day for Saquon Barkley if he plays – if he doesn’t I still think the Giants will come out on top.

Chargers at Titans
Chargers by 7
Two struggling teams, and Rivers’ class pushes Mariota a step closer to the exit in Tennessee.

Saints at Bears
Saints by 6
Saints keep winning close games without lighting up the scoreboard. Same story here as the Bears are one of the worst offenses in the league.

Ravens at Seahawks
Seahawks by 10
Easy enough victory for the Hawks, in a game that won’t seriously dent the Ravens play off charge.

Eagles at Cowboys
Cowboys by 10
Must win for the Cowboys, but it is the same for the Eagles. Cowboys back on the winning trail at home.

Patriots at Jets
Patriots by 24
Surprise win for the Jets last week – it could be a surprise if they get a point here. Patriots continue to play the easiest schedule ever encountered by a Superbowl champion.

Play Offs

Maybe the Colts, I will give the Chargers another week. It’s a toss up – so I am sticking with Rivers.

In the NFC the Rams are now in the wildcard hunt behind the Seahawks – but still no place for the 49ers.