October 22, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 7

There’s an interesting dynamic around the NFL where starting QBs get injured and their back ups play really well. However, the honeymoon period rarely lasts! Mahomes injury could be costly for the Chiefs, but they are in the AFC West so it should be fine. The Steelers seem to be coping, but as they are in the AFC North they can at best hope for a distant second place to the Ravens. The Saints are the exception, with Bridgewater performing well enough to keep his team unbeaten in Brees’ absence. As we hit week 8, after which some teams will be half way done, there are many divisions that are already over with – and all that’s left is some posturing for wildcard spots.

So what happened last week?

Predictions were 9-5 – looking for a breakout week this week.

Chiefs 30 Broncos 6
The Broncos were abysmal and the Chiefs hardly missed Mahomes who picked up a knee injury. Tough times ahead for the Chiefs, even tougher for the Broncos.

Dolphins 21 Bills 31
Dolphins performed well in their division, and for a while it looked like…nah – they were never going to win. Bills looking good for a wildcard.

Jaguars 27 Bengals 17
Jaguars struggled for a while but eventually overcame a Bengals team who may be looking at 0-16.

Vikings 42 Lions 30
Cousins is in a rich vein of form – confidence is high, and they have now put daylight between themselves and the Lions. Cousins surely cannot keep this up, and Stafford needs to do more than just break records.

Raiders 24 Packers 42
Rodgers was sublime and the result was never in doubt. When he gets Davante Adams back who knows how good this team can be? By contrast Derek Carr proved that he is little more than a journeyman.

Rams 37 Falcons 10
Another QB with an injury as Ryan limped off, but this was so one sided that even a fit Ryan would have made no difference. The Falcons would struggle to beat the Bengals at the moment, whilst the Rams got a much needed win that helps in what is proving to be a tough division.

Texans 23 Colts 30
Big result for the Colts, and I now have them getting a wildcard slot ahead of the Chargers. I think the Texans will bounce back from this and take the division.

49ers 9 Redskins 0
The weather played a part – but the 49ers still managed to keep their unbeaten record intact. Tougher games ahead. The Redskins win last week will soon be forgotten.

Cardinals 27 Giants 21
Giants should have won this, but that’s the fragility of a rookie quarterback. Speaking of which, Kyler Murray is settling in well. Better times ahead for the Cards.

Chargers 20 Titans 23
Chargers can’t stop the slide – even with a last minute goal line push. Mariota benched, but surely Ryan Tannehill can’t be the answer.

Saints 36 Bears 25
The Saints roll on, as the Bears increasingly rely upon an overworked D. The NFC North now looks like a two horse race. The Saints are heading for the Championship game.

Ravens 30 Seahawks 16
Lamar Jackson starred alongside the improved Ravens D. Russell Wilson struggled and the Seahawks find themselves with a battle just to get a wildcard.

Eagles 10 Cowboys 37
Dominant Cowboys can now cruise to the NFC East. The Eagles were the only possible challengers, but their slump shows no sign of ending.

Patriots 33 Jets 0
Easy win for the Pats, and there are some saying they have an elite Defense. They have played the Dolphins, Bills, Giants, Jets (twice), Redskins and Steelers. Maybe one wildcard between them. Lets see how they do against genuine title contenders.

Week 8 Preview

The Ravens and Cowboys have byes this week.

Redskins at Vikings
Vikings by 21
A friendly fixture for Cousins as the Redskins get another beating.

Seahawks at Falcons
Seahawks by 24
The Seahawks might have thought the wheels were coming off, when along comes the Falcons. An easy win for the Hawks.

Eagles at Bills
Bills by 3
A testing one for the Bills, but the Eagles are low on confidence.

Chargers at Bears
Bears by 3
Two teams that might already have nothing to play for. It’s a coin toss, but at Soldier Field I’ll take the home side.

Giants at Lions
Lions by 10
Lions retain a slim hope of the play offs with a win against the fading Giants. Barkley could probably do with a rest to get over his injuries.

Raiders at Texans
Texans by 10
DeShaun Watson gets a quick recovery after last week’s defeat to divisional rivals the Colts. Derek Carr has his chances but blows them again.

Jets at Jaguars
Jaguars by 3
Jaguars get back to back wins, but with the Bengals and the Jets in their path that’s not a surprise. The Jets have won their game for this half of the season.

Bengals at Rams
Rams by 14
Eventually a team will put on a show, and this could be the time for the Bengals. Unfortunately they are up against the rejuvenated Rams who triumph in a shootout.

Cardinals at Saints
Saints by 8
Cardinals have already won more than many expected, but there is no stopping the Saints at the moment.

Buccaneers at Titans
Buccaneers by 6
The Titans give the Bucs an unexpected win in a game that means very little beyond next season’s draft and QB merry go round.

Panthers at 49ers
Panthers by 3
The 49ers finally suffer a defeat as the Panthers stifle Garoppolo.

Broncos at Colts
Colts by 12
Broncos D does its best but the Colts continue their path to the postseason.

Browns at Patriots
Patriots by 17
The big stage for the big hype, but the Patriots take it all in their stride. Could be a different game next week against the Ravens.

Packers at Chiefs
Packers by 17
Rodgers picks apart the Chiefs who are toothless with Mahomes.

Dolphins at Steelers
Dolphins by 6
That new QB honeymoon period ends for the Steelers as the Dolphins get their first W. I can’t believe Ive just written that!

Play Offs

I’m going with the Colts, but despite their defeat of the Texans I can only give them a wildcard.

In the NFC the Rams are now in the wildcard hunt behind the Seahawks – but still no place for the 49ers.