October 29, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 8

Well it looks like I am going to have to take the 49ers a bit more seriously! Other than that most results went something like according to plan. The Wembley game between the Bengals and Rams might have looked interesting on paper – but it was far from it in the flesh. Next week it’s the Texans v Jaguars – not a game for the occasional fan to get excited about.

So what happened last week?

Predictions were 10-5 – still looking for that breakout week.

Redskins 9 Vikings 19

The Vikings did more than enough to win, maybe even took their foot off the gas for tougher tests to come. Redskins wondering who can stop them getting No 1 pick.

Seahawks 27 Falcons 20

Despite a late rally from the Falcons the Seahawks had this in the bag early on. Atlanta at 1-7 are another wondering whether they can sneak that top pick.

Eagles 31 Bills 13

A shot in the arm for Philly, and yes I do think this was a bit of an upset. The Bills should still get a wildcard, Philadelphia can dream.

Chargers 17 Bears 16

This was a coin toss and I lost. The Chargers just edged it to retain a play off hope, the Bears are wondering where it all went wrong.

Giants 26 Lions 31

This should have been much easier for the Lions, and their inconsistency is a big reason why they will miss out on the play offs. Promising signs for the Giants – but they will look to next season.

Raiders 24 Texans 27

Texans win a close one, and although it was expected they will be concerned by how close the Raiders got. The Raiders are another team with little to play for, and we are only at half way.

Jets 15 Jaguars 29

Jaguars pulled away in the end, leaving the Jets to think if they too can grab the top pick. There are at least another two teams in the hunt as well as the three already mentioned here.

Bengals 10 Rams 24

The Bengals were poor, but so were the Rams. That doesn’t bode well for the postseason, with a huge amount now resting on their games with the 49ers and Seahawks. With a big fat 0 in the win column the Bengals are in poll position for the draft.

Cardinals 9 Saints 31

Brees is back with almost 400 yards and 3 TDs. Despite missing Kamara the Saints rolled on. The Cardinals will have better games before the season is out.

Buccaneers 23 Titans 27

Two teams that are mediocre at best, but not bad enough to enter the draft race! The Bucs had their chances, but ultimately Ryan Tannehill outplayed Jameis Winston in a battle of what will sure become journeymen.

Panthers 13 49ers 51

Didn’t see this coming – are the 49ers really that good? In my final reassessment they sneak into the play offs at the expense of the Rams – but there are a lot of divisional games to play out.

Broncos 13 Colts 15

Nervous one for Indy who could easily have lost this one, hence my leaning towards the Texans for the title. Broncos looking to establish a solid foundation for next season – surely that can’t involve Flacco?

Browns 13 Patriots 27

The Patriots roll on, and as predicted would not face a tough test until next week at the Ravens. I have already said enough about the Browns’ hype. I would expect more for their wage bill.

Packers 31 Chiefs 24

Matt Moore kept this one close, but the Packers made the better adjustments. The Chiefs proved that they are more than a one man team, but lets not forget that the Packers are still without Davante Adams. Two definite contenders – I wonder if this was a Superbowl rehearsal?

Dolphins 14 Steelers 27

Well the Steelers pulled off another win. But with James Conner out that could be a serious dent to their already slim play off hopes! The Dolphins kept it close for a while but too many mistakes did for them.

Week 9 Preview

The Falcons, Bengals, Rams and Saints get a bye. The Falcons and Bengals will look at each other bewildered, the Rams should take the opportunity to understand why they are not playing well, and the Saints would like the bye not to happen with a refreshed Brees at the helm.

49ers at Cardinals
49ers by 10

SF continue to roll, though the Cardinals can keep this fairly close with a more balanced team than the Panthers.

Texans at Jaguars
Texans by 7

Watson can relax against a Jags team who are high on confidence after a couple of wins, but low on actual ability.

Bears at Eagles
Eagles by 10

Bears get another defeat handed to them as the resurgent but mightily inconsistent Eagles dominate both sides of the ball.

Colts at Steelers
Colts by 3

The Steelers D steps up at home, but the Colts see it through with their superior passing game.

Jets at Dolphins
Dolphins by 1

Well something has to give here. Will either team want to win with a first round draft pick on the line? I am going with the Dolphins – only because they are at home. Can’t believe I have picked the fish in two consecutive weeks.

Vikings at Chiefs
Chiefs by 10

A monster game with implications in both conferences. The Chiefs blitzes will unsettle Cousins and Hill and Kelce will shred the Vikings D. Easy in the end for the returning Mahomes.

Titans at Panthers
Panthers by 6

If the Panthers can put last week’s drubbing behind them they should have too much for the toothless Titans.

Redskins at Bills
Bills by 3

The Bills should be able to bounce back against a poor Redskins team, but it could be another close one in Buffalo.

Buccaneers at Seahawks
Seahawks by 21

Easy win for the Seahawks as Russell Wilson steps up. Winston can’t have many games left as the Bucs starter, and this will be another hop towards the bench.

Lions at Raiders
Raiders by 5

The Lions inconsistency comes to the fore as Derek Carr finally plays a big game. Neither will make the play offs!

Packers at Chargers
Packers by 17

The Chargers are a shadow of their best team, but the Packers are going from strength to strength. This should be a no contest from early on, with Jones and Rodgers having another big day.

Browns at Broncos
Broncos by 3

Tough one to call, so I will go with home field. The Broncos are slowly improving, and the Browns are rapidly declining.

Patriots at Ravens
Ravens by 3

Jackson pulls off a win as the late New England comeback just fails. The defeat that the rest of the NFL have been waiting for.

Cowboys at Giants
Cowboys by 10

Elliott gets his mojo back but Barkley keeps it reasonably close.

Play Offs

The Colts narrow win confirms their wildcard, elsewhere nothing else changes.

In the NFC the Rams are out with the 49ers taking their place.

Half way through – and I am sticking to my predictions! Lets see what they look like in 9 weeks.





Wildcard Weekend


Ravens beat Bills
Texans beat Colts


Seahawks beat Vikings
49ers beat Cowboys

Divisional Play Offs


Patriots beat Texans
Chiefs beat Ravens


Packers beat 49ers
Saints beat Seahawks

Conference Championships


Chiefs beat Patriots


Packers beat Saints


Packers beat Chiefs