November 7, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 9

Week 9 was a bit of a mythbusters week! The Browns myth has been well and truly slain several times already, but this week two others were called into question. The Packers lost on the road to the Chargers and the Patriots proved that they were not invincible. So there’s only the 49ers left unbeaten – and they face the Seahawks this week!

So what happened last week?

Predictions were 12-2 – I’ll take that every week please! And not many could have predicted the Packers defeat!

49ers 28 Cardinals 25

Cardinals gave the 49ers an almighty scare – and that reinforces my belief that there will be a tough time ahead for the NFL’s last unbeaten team. Cardinals can plan for next season with some confidence.

Texans 26 Jaguars 3

Texans made this look easy in the end, and the Jaguars were truly awful. However, they do have some talent and will continue to upset a few. Texans destined for divisional title but not much more.

Bears 14 Eagles 22

Questions must surely be asked in Chicago. The Bears continue to fade away, whilst the resurgent Eagles might see a divisional title or at least a wildcard. I don’t.

Colts 24 Steelers 26

Great effort by the Steelers who seem to be performing well without Big Ben. It is still too early to say for them, and it certainly won’t get them any trophies this season. The Colts showed that they can fold even when full of confidence, and they have now handed momentum to the Texans in the AFC South.

Jets 18 Dolphins 26

In a must-lose game the Jets got their preferred result. Mediocrity all round as the Dolphins put 1 in the W column.

Vikings 23 Chiefs 26

Great win for the Chiefs who show they are genuine contenders. The Vikings continue to outperform, but this was a step too far. Maybe Cousins will now go back to being Cousins.

Titans 20 Panthers 30

Panthers recovered well from their previous heavy defeat and can dream of the play offs (but no more than that). The Titans are probably wondering how they have managed four wins this season – I certainly am.

Redskins 9 Bills 24

Redskins capitulate again as the Bills strengthen their wildcard hand. The race for first pick is hotting up!

Buccaneers 34 Seahawks 40

Closer than it should have been, but Wilson continues to roll and must be full of confidence for this week’s showdown with the 49ers. The Bucs will be pleased to score so many points – but with no D they will continue to lose many more than they win.

Lions 24 Raiders 31

Raiders stepped up at home but I do not expect that to last. Lions losing touch in the NFC North and now playing for just a bit of pride.

Packers 11 Chargers 26

Rodgers never got going in a game that exposed most of Green Bay’s weaknesses. The Chargers put a great all round game together – probably too late to save their season.

Browns 19 Broncos 24

If you haven’t done so already you can now tear up your pre season bets on the Browns for the Superbowl. Denver again showed that they have something and could be interesting next season.

Patriots 20 Ravens 37

The Patriots myth is finally exposed as the Lamar Jackson myth gains credulity. Control Jackson and you control Baltimore. The Patriots will still win their division, and probably at least one play off game.

Cowboys 37 Giants 18

The Giants threatened for a while, but then imploded just before the half. The Cowboys took advantage, and continued to do so – no doubt spurred on by the Eagles breathing down their necks.

Week 10 Preview

The Broncos, Texans, Jaguars, Patriots, Eagles and Redskins get byes – that’s a lot of refreshed teams next week!

Chargers at Raiders
Chargers by 10

The Raiders won’t be able to follow up last week’s win, but the Chargers might just put a run together now that Melvin Gordon is starting to find his form.

Ravens at Bengals
Ravens by 17

The Bengals benched Dalton, but it’s a baptism of fire for his rookie replacement. Expect Jackson to dominate again.

Bills at Browns
Browns by 3

The Browns can’t tank all year, can they? No! And although the Bills are a strong shout for a wildcard I see a mini upset here.

Lions at Bears
Bears by 3

Similar question here for the basement battle of the NFC North. The Bears sneak a narrow victory – but if Stafford gets ahead early this could get ugly. I’m sticking with Chicago in a game of field goals.

Giants at Jets
Giants by 4

The Giants played well for a while last week whilst the Jets gave the Dolphins their first win. Saquon Barkley gets the W.

Chiefs at Titans
Chiefs by 17

Chiefs back to their dominant best and showing why they will win the AFC Championship. Although this is only against the Titans.

Cardinals at Buccaneers
Cardinals by 3

The Bucs racked up plenty of points last week but I think the Cardinals D is better than the Seahawks. Kyler Murray shines as the Cards get an impressive road win.

Falcons at Saints
Saints by 21

No let up from the Saints as the Falcons heat up the race for first pick.

Dolphins at Colts
Colts by 10

Certainly not going to pick the Dolphins three weeks in a row. Colts get back to winning ways to stay in contention in the AFC South.

Rams at Steelers
Rams by 7

The Rams will be rested but the Steelers will be confident. The Rams have had time to fix their woes, and they need the win more than the Steelers as their division is much tougher.

Panthers at Packers
Packers by 12

Rodgers gets his mojo back at home as the Panthers brief run at the play offs grinds to a halt.

Vikings at Cowboys
Cowboys by 6

The Vikings fall further behind as Cousins struggles against the Cowboys D. Big day for Elliott and Cooper.

Seahawks at 49ers
Seahawks by 7

The last unbeaten record goes as the Seahawks get in front early and never look back.

Play Offs







Wildcard Weekend


Ravens beat Bills

Texans beat Colts


Seahawks beat Vikings

49ers beat Cowboys

Divisional Play Offs


Patriots beat Texans

Chiefs beat Ravens


Packers beat 49ers

Saints beat Seahawks

Conference Championships


Chiefs beat Patriots


Packers beat Saints


Packers beat Chiefs