December 3, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 13

Week 13 brought a little confusion to the NFL – can the Titans really make the play offs? Who can stop Baltimore? Are the 49ers a second rate team in cold weather? Should the NFC East be excluded form the play offs? And, of course, a shout out to Cincinnati for their first win!

So what happened last week?

Predictions were 8-8 – it doesn’t get any easier! Looking forward to seeing who steps up in Week 14.

Bears 24 Lions 20

Bears with a late season revival in a game that meant little to either team.

Bills 26 Cowboys 15

Well, are the Bills genuine contenders or are the Cowboys woeful? It’s the latter! Josh Allen had a great game, Dak Prescott had the opposite. With other results going their way the Cowboys are extremely lucky to still be favourites for the play offs.

Saints 26 Falcons 18

Saints with a comfortable victory and on a roll – but it’s the 49ers next.

Jets 6 Bengals 22

Dalton stuck two fingers up at the coaching staff that benched him – and perhaps the Bengals will upset one or two more before the season ends.

Titans 31 Colts 17

This was going the way of the Colts until quite late, but mistakes did for them. That could be the end of their play off hopes – as the Titans become a surprise candidate for the post season.

Eagles 31 Dolphins 37

Anyone who lets the Dolphins score 37. Anyone who lets the Dolphins win, well, forget the play offs!

Packers 31 Giants 13

Giants kept it close for a while but the coolness of Rodgers and the opportunistic D gave the Packers an easy win. Redskins next and suddenly they are chasing a top seeding again.

Browns 13 Steelers 20

The Browns are officially done, as the Steelers poke their noses into the play off hunt. Still can’t see them playing in January though.

Redskins 29 Panthers 21

Another major upset as the Panthers say goodbye to the postseason and the Redskins could still tie for the best record in the division.

Buccaneers 28 Jaguars 11

Buccaneers rack up more points against the hapless Jags. Even London won’t want to see them play again!

49ers 17 Ravens 20

Ravens win a close one. Was it the weather? Was it the travelling? Or are Baltimore simply the better team. This loss means that the 49ers may well have to play a cold wildcard game – so we may find out.

Rams 34 Cardinals 7

Rams get back on track just in time, but they still have a tough schedule and this could have just been a Cardinals off day.

Chargers 20 Broncos 23

Could this season be the end for Rivers. He has been woeful recently, and the Broncos are certainly no world beaters.

Raiders 9 Chiefs 40

The Chiefs would love to play against Derek Carr every week. With a fully fit Mahomes they can still have a huge say in the play off picture.

Patriots 22 Texans 28

The Patriots have been winning ugly, and now they have lost ugly. Alarm bells at Foxboro in December are rarely heard – but the Ravens and Chiefs certainly have taken note.

Vikings 30 Seahawks 37

The loss will hurt the Vikings, the injury to Cook may hurth them more. The Seahawks win another close one – but their D is decidedly average which must be a worry.

Week 14 Preview

Cowboys at Bears

Cowboys by 3

Teams with identical records, one somehow heading for the play offs and the other heading for oblivion. The Cowboys sneak this one, buoyed by the Eagles loss to the Dolphins.

Panthers at Falcons

Falcons by 14

Freeman has a big game and Ryan keeps the Panthers at bay.

Colts at Buccaneers

Colts by 6

The Winston train comes off the rails as the Colts are more desperate for the win.

Dolphins at Jets

Jets by 10

The Jets loss to the Bengals was for all kinds of reasons. Expect Bell to dominate to hand the Dolphins another loss.

49ers at Saints

Saints by 4

Saints could be excused for taking their foot off the gas as they have already won their division, but there are seedings to play for and the 49ers will be suffering after a crucial loss to the Ravens.

Lions at Vikings

Vikings by 21

The Vikings should be assured of a wildcard and the Lions are unlikely to put a stop to that.

Broncos at Texans

Texans by 17

The Ravens game is a distant memory for the Texans who roll one step closer to the AFC South title.

Ravens at Bills

Ravens by 7

Close defensive battle but the Ravens come through.

Bengals at Browns

Browns by 8

Bengals have renewed optimism but they won’t want to jeopardise that number one pick. The Browns are ready to roll the hype train back into the station, but they should get one more win here.

Redskins at Packers

Packers by 20

Redskins falter as the Packers strengthen their position in the NFC North.

Chargers at Jaguars

Chargers by 10

Rivers with one last hurrah, and the Jaguars with another meltdown.

Steelers at Cardinals

Cardinals by 7

I am waiting for someone to finally kill off the Steelers play off hopes – step forward Kyler Murray.

Titans at Raiders

Raiders by 5

Titans have been on a roll with the Raiders heading in the opposite direction. However, Carr at home puts a few passes together and the Raiders triumph.

Chiefs at Patriots

Chiefs by 9

Chiefs head in to Foxboro and come out with a significant win as the Patriots once again show their weaknesses.

Seahawks at Rams

Seahawks by 4

Which Rams will show up? I think it will be the good Rams, but I also think they still won’t have enough to beat Russell Wilson.

Giants at Eagles

Eagles by 8

A forgettable Monday night encounter that sees the Eagles keep their very slim play off hopes alive.

Play Offs







Wildcard Weekend


Ravens beat Bills

Texans beat Colts


Seahawks beat Vikings

49ers beat Cowboys

Divisional Play Offs


Patriots beat Texans

Chiefs beat Ravens


Packers beat 49ers

Saints beat Seahawks

Conference Championships


Chiefs beat Patriots


Packers beat Saints


Packers beat Chiefs