December 14, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 14

Week 14 saw a major shock in Houston, and a seminal moment in New Orleans. Elsewhere, the Patriots are slumping at the wrong time, whilst the Chiefs are finding their form at the right time.

So what happened last week?

Predictions were 9-7 – it doesn’t get any easier! Picture will be a lot clearer after week 15.

Cowboys 24 Bears 31

The Cowboys still lead the mediocre NFC East, but after this defeat any thought of having more than one play off game must be a real long shot. The Bears are on a roll heading into Green Bay and a crucial NFC North match up.

Panthers 20 Falcons 40

Panthers freefall continues, as does the Falcons inconsistency.

Colts 35 Buccaneers 38

Buccaneers sneak it to consign the Colts to the also rans.

Dolphins 21 Jets 22

Eminently forgettable field goal battle that gives the Jets a 5-9 record that hugely flatters them.

49ers 48 Saints 46

Massive win by the 49ers that changes the NFC play off picture significantly. The Saints must hope for other results or face a hostile road trip.

Lions 7 Vikings 20

Regulation win for the Vikings to stay close to the Packers.

Broncos 38 Texans 24

Where did this Broncos performance come from? Similar question could be asked of Houston who now have two crucial match ups with the Titans ahead.

Ravens 24 Bills 17

The Ravens march on – and although the Bills kept it close they will almost certainly have to settle for a wildcard.

Bengals 19 Browns 27

Bengals just showing enough spirit to keep people interested whilst maintaining their grip on the number 1 draft pick. The Browns have a tenuous look at the play offs – but its very, very unlikely.

Redskins 15 Packers 20

Even home field advantage didn’t really work for the Packers, and although they won it was not a performance that convinces – with the Bears and the Vikings on the horizon.

Chargers 45 Jaguars 10

If the Jaguars had started their slump earlier they could have challenged the Bengals. Chargers can reflect on what might have been.

Steelers 23 Cardinals 17

Steelers now in a play off spot – a testament to Mike Tomlin. Not convinced they will actually make the play offs!

Titans 42 Raiders 21

I wonder when people will start talking about the exit for Carr in Oakland? Titans roll on and their play off hopes are in their own hands. Shows the value of benching your QB (Mariota) even for a journeyman (Tannehill).

Chiefs 23 Patriots 16

Patriots started quickly but stalled badly as Mahomes dominated them without being too spectacular. Chiefs might still have to go through Foxboro in the play offs – but they won’t be too concerned about that.

Seahawks 12 Rams 28

Rams get their mojo back. Is it too late? The Seahawks slip behind the 49ers and will not be looking forward to their Week 17 match up.

Giants 17 Eagle 23

Eagles got a heck of a fright but came through. Giants will look forward to the return match.

Week 15 Preview

Jets at Ravens

Ravens by 21

Another regulation win for the Ravens on their way to home field advantage.

Patriots at Bengals

Patriots by 17

Patriots back on track – but only against the Bengals – their problems still remain.

Buccaneers at Lions

Buccaneers by 14

Buccaneers notch another win as the Lions are already in the off season.

Texans at Titans

Texans by 3

Huge game for both teams. The Jekyll & Hyde Texans pull out a big win on the back of a monster performance by Watson.

Broncos at Chiefs

Chiefs by 24

No repeat for the Broncos as the Chiefs continue to stake a claim for a first round bye.

Dolphins at Giants

Giants by 10

Giants get a meaningless win as the Dolphins again struggle to cross the goal line.

Eagles at Redskins

Redskins by 7

Redskins running game puts another nail in the coffin of the Eagles play off hopes.

Seahawks at Panthers

Seahawks by 17

Wilson and co were shocked last week – no such problems here as they dominate the under performing Panthers.

Bears at Packers

Packers by 7

Bears on a roll, but break the game down to Rodgers against Trubisky and the answer is obvious.

Vikings at Chargers

Vikings by 6

Stubborn Chargers put up a fight but another win sets up a big showdown as the Vikings host the Packers next week.

Jaguars at Raiders

Raiders by 17

Jaguars have already given up – easy win for the Raiders.

Browns at Cardinals

Cardinals by 5

Another scalp for Kyler Murray as the Browns season ends.

Rams at Cowboys

Rams by 8

Cowboys lose again but still stay ahead of the Eagles. Rams putting pressure on all of those ahead of them.

Falcons at 49ers

49ers by 17

Another blowout – 49ers focused on their Week 17 date with the Seahawks.

Bills at Steelers

Bills by 4

Finally, someone dents the Steelers charge. Bills consolidate their play off spot.

Colts at Saints

Saints by 14

Saints end the Colts hopes as they get back on track.

Play Offs







Wildcard Weekend


Ravens beat Bills

Texans beat Colts


Seahawks beat Vikings

49ers beat Cowboys

Divisional Play Offs


Patriots beat Texans

Chiefs beat Ravens


Packers beat 49ers

Saints beat Seahawks

Conference Championships


Chiefs beat Patriots


Packers beat Saints


Packers beat Chiefs