December 18, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 15

When will the shocks end in this crazy season? A wild ending saw Atlanta upset the 49ers, and now the NFC could not be closer. The Packers got a gutsy win, but they travel to the Vikings – so things could get even tighter. The AFC seems to be sorting itself out, though the Patriots remain unconvincing.

So what happened last week?

Predictions were 12-4 – which is a great result at this time of the season. Tough again this week as the play off situation unravels.

Jets 21 Ravens 42

Easy for the Ravens though the Jets did start well – can anyone get a lead against Baltimore and then hang on?

Patriots 34 Bengals 13

The Patriots looked nervous at the start before eventually cruising to victory – they won’t fancy heading to Baltimore.

Buccaneers 38 Lions 17

Winston still has mistakes in him but he is starting to impress – could still influence the play offs. The Lions are the opposite!

Texans 24 Titans 21

Close win with massive implications – Texans in front for now but two big games left.

Broncos 3 Chiefs 23

Chiefs got an early lead, extended it and then stifled the Broncos. Impressive – and they won’t be phased by New England or Baltimore.

Dolphins 20 Giants 26

Giants finally come good but slip back in the race for first pick. Dolphins still have a chance – especially as they play the Bengals this week.

Eagles 37 Redskins 27

Eagles get their game together just in time – big match up with the Cowboys ahead.

Seahawks 30 Panthers 24

Carolina threatened a dramatic comeback but the Seahawks had enough and now take pole position again. But, they do have the 49ers ahead.

Bears 13 Packers 21

Another game where the underdogs threatened a comeback, but Rodgers was masterful at the end and the Packers will be confident heading in to Minnesota.

Vikings 39 Chargers 10

The Vikings impressed with this demolition – but the injury to Cook is a concern.

Jaguars 20 Raiders 16

The Raiders had this in the bag but they said farewell to Oakland with a shocking defeat that even the Jaguars probably didn’t expect.

Browns 24 Cardinals 38

Cardinals pushed the Browns over the edge – expect recriminations to start soon.

Rams 21 Cowboys 44

On current form this was an upset – both could still make the play offs – but the Rams won’t, and for the Cowboys its all on their matchup with Philly.

Falcons 29 49ers 22

Massive implications for the play offs in this shock – the 49ers just showing signs of a hard season whilst the Falcons proved that they still have dangerous weapons.

Bills 17 Steelers 10

Bills march on to the post season whilst the Steelers still have a chance, but one that I do not think they will take.

Colts 7 Saints 34

Saints will have been buoyed by the 49ers defeat, and they still have a shot at the number 1 seed. It’s the end of the line for the Colts.

Week 16 Preview

Texans at Buccaneers

Texans by 3

Texans want this more, and although the Bucs are playing well I think Watson will have too much for them.

Bills at Patriots

Patriots by 7

Patriots must get their act together – but they usually do. Not expecting fireworks but the Patriots will want at least one play off game at home.

Rams at 49ers

49ers by 5

This depends on which Rams team shows up. If it is the one from two weeks ago they could cause a huge upset – and they are still in the hunt. However, the 49ers should see this one out despite last week’s hiccup.

Bengals at Dolphins

Bengals by 10

Bengals have a recent win and aren’t as bad as their record suggests. They will still claim the number 1 pick despite the win here.

Steelers at Jets

Jets by 7

Jets put a nail in the Steelers play off hopes with a win to set them up for a solid 2020 campaign. The Steelers injury hit season starts to tell.

Giants at Redskins

Redskins by 6

Redskins stop the Giants recent good run with a solid ground game. With Barkley on the other side this game could actually finish very quickly which would be a mercy for all of the fans!

Panthers at Colts

Colts by 7

A nothing game with two disappointing teams. Home field gives the Colts the win.

Ravens at Browns

Ravens by 16

Browns will want one last big performance but this is not the opponent to get it against. Comfortable again for the Ravens.

Jaguars at Falcons

Falcons by 17

Jaguars heroics in Oakland soon forgotten as Ryan runs riot.

Saints at Titans

Saints by 10

A must win game for both at opposite ends of the play off scenario. Brees extends his touchdown lead as the Saints forge ahead.

Raiders at Chargers

Chargers by 17

Rivers recovers to lead one last hurrah against a disappointing Raiders side.

Lions at Broncos

Broncos by 10

Broncos get another easy home win against a Lions team that must want to move division!

Cardinals at Seahawks

Seahawks by 14

Seahawks back in the groove against a Cardinals team that will be much better next season.

Cowboys at Eagles

Cowboys by 8

Cowboys got it back together last week in a more impressive way than the Eagles. NFC East finally resolved here as Elliott has a big day and Wentz has a poor one.

Chiefs at Bears

Chiefs by 10

Good test for the Chiefs going into a hostile atmosphere, but the Bears are done and the Chiefs pick up another win.

Packers at Vikings
Packers by 3

The loss of Cook is the crucial factor – the Vikings were ok last week but the damage was already done when he left the game. This week the Packers will dominate but the scoreboard will be close.

Play Offs







Wildcard Weekend


Ravens beat Bills

Texans beat Colts


Seahawks beat Vikings

49ers beat Cowboys

Divisional Play Offs


Patriots beat Texans

Chiefs beat Ravens


Packers beat 49ers

Saints beat Seahawks

Conference Championships


Chiefs beat Patriots


Packers beat Saints


Packers beat Chiefs