December 28, 2019 by Mike Madden

NFL Week 16

Big statement from the Packers, footnotes from the Patriots and 49ers. Chiefs, Ravens and Saints also came up with crucial wins. Eagles look to be a step away from 4th seed when really they shouldn’t be in the top 6.

So what happened last week?

Predictions were 11-5 – with 4 correct score margins. Arguably my best effort of the season. Will look at the play off predictions next week.

Texans 23 Buccaneers 20

Texans did enough but won’t have enough for the play offs – expect an early exit.

Bills 17 Patriots 24

Patriots are doing just as much as they need to at the right time. Showdown with the Chiefs on the horizon.

Rams 31 49ers 34

Brave showing from LA but ultimately the 49ers had too much. They seem to be limping into the post season rather than roaring.

Bengals 35 Dolphins 38

Great comeback followed by an agonising loss for Cincy, but they can be pleased that they have secured the overall top pick.

Steelers 10 Jets 16

Steelers now need help – and probably won’t get it – the Jets can look forward to next season.

Giants 41 Redskins 35

Giants came up trumps in a meaningless game except for NFC East bottom of the table bragging rights.

Panthers 6 Colts 38

Worrying times for the Panthers and too little too late for the Colts.

Ravens 31 Browns 15

Easy win for the Ravens en route to home field advantage – the Browns won’t even look forward to playing against Cincy.

Jaguars 12 Falcons 24

Jaguars are another team that have fallen off a cliff. Atlanta left thinking what might have been.

Saints 38 Titans 28

Saints probably got a little nervous late on, but they kept pace in the NFC and could still be the top seed.

Raiders 24 Chargers 17

A comeback week for the Raiders and the Chargers will want this season to end.

Lions 17 Broncos 27

Lions join the Browns, Jaguars and several more wondering what they will have to do to restart next season.

Cardinals 27 Seahawks 13

Another major shock and the Seahawks now find themselves banged up. Is Beastmode really the answer?

Cowboys 9 Eagles 17

Woeful from the Cowboys and although they don’t deserve a playoff spot neither do the Eagles.

Chiefs 26 Bears 3

Add the Bears to the Browns, Lions and Jaguars – watch out for the Chiefs in January.

Packers 23 Vikings 10
Packers dominated this despite the scoreline. Without turnovers it would have been a rout. Vikings will now definitely face a tough road game – Packers will look to be at home in January.

Week 17 Preview

Browns at Bengals

Browns by 6

Browns to get a much needed win but Dalton’s farewell to keep it close.

Dolphins at Patriots

Patriots by 16

Comfortable for the Pats, and despite everything they will hold the number 2 seed – another Superbowl for Brady?

Bears at Vikings

Vikings by 7

Vikings have nothing to play for and will rest starters – but Bears have long since had nothing to play for and still can’t win!

Chargers at Chiefs

Chiefs by 14

Possibly Rivers last game but the Chiefs need to keep winning and they will here.

Jets at Bills

Bills by 3

Bills may rest their stars, but do they really have any? Jets keep it close but not close enough.

Packers at Lions

Packers by 17

Don’t expect Packers to fail now. Lions can’t score and expect Rodgers to be rested early.

Saints at Panthers

Saints by 14

Saints another team that must keep winning – all the Panthers have to play for is McCaffery’s numbers.

Falcons at Buccaneers

Falcons by 7

This could be a 20 point victory either way. Falcons to gain the momentum going in to the off season.

Eagles at Giants

Eagles by 3

Giants could spoil the party here but the Eagles will just about have enough.

Titans at Texans

Texans by 8

Texans keep up their momentum and throw the AFC wildcard hunt into chaos.

Redskins at Cowboys

Cowboys by 14

Cowboys go out with a bang but it only matters if the Eagles slip up.

Steelers at Ravens

Ravens by 7

Steelers have a chance with the Ravens likely to rest starters, but their own injuries will stifle them.

Colts at Jaguars

Colts by 8

Colts triumph in a game that means very little.

Raiders at Broncos

Raiders by 10

Raiders fired up and if things go their way they will reach the play offs.

Cardinals at Rams

Rams by 17

Injuries catch up with the Cardinals as the Rams end on a high.

49ers at Seahawks

Seahawks by 10

Fragility of the 49ers exposed as the Seahawks spring an upset.

Play Offs







Wildcard Weekend


Ravens beat Bills

Texans beat Colts


Seahawks beat Vikings

49ers beat Cowboys

Divisional Play Offs


Patriots beat Texans

Chiefs beat Ravens


Packers beat 49ers

Saints beat Seahawks

Conference Championships


Chiefs beat Patriots


Packers beat Saints


Packers beat Chiefs